Wedding season is approaching, and millennial ladies have activated their hunt mode for the latest jewelry pieces. Even if it is the bride or the bride’s sister, only two things matter the most, wedding look and wedding jewelry pieces. Finding the perfect wedding outfit can be easy sometimes, but finding the perfect jewelry piece cannot be an easy task, as jewelry trends keep changing day by day.

If you are a married woman, the task of finding a perfect Mangalsutra design that flaunts your style during the wedding season is very important. Here in this article, we have fetched you some of the best Mangalsutra designs which you can effortlessly flaunt this wedding season.

The Mangalsutra designs have gone through plenty of trendy changes, but still, the black beads help in giving Mangalsutras a traditional and trendy look at the same time.

Let us first check out some Mangalsutra designs based on wedding destinations as, after a long break of two years, millennials have got a chance of getting married at their favorite destinations which is why destination weddings have become the new trend for Gen Z brides and grooms. For those who want to have an intimate wedding ceremony, with limited relatives and close ones, the organization of a destination wedding is a win-win for them.

Nature-inspired Mangalsutra designs For Beach Weddings

Getting married amidst the blue and under the blue is every individual's dream-come-true situation. The atmosphere at beaches provides us with a marvelous wedding experience, beautiful blue waves, grainy golden sand, lush green surroundings, and cozy cold breezes, a perfect combination to make any wedding ceremony just amazing. 

Beautiful floral Mangalsutra designs can work wonders, as they can perfectly blend with the beachy atmosphere.

Zara Diamond Mangalsutra

Zara Diamond Mangalsutra

This Mangalsutra design is a perfect amalgamation of ancient culture as well as nature. The sun pendant in the Mangalsutra perfectly represents your marriage life which is as bright and illuminating as the sun, and the Mangalsutra beads maintain the traditional importance of the Mangalsutra.

Meher Diamond Mangalsutra

Meher Diamond Mangalsutra

This diamond studded pendant with filigree floral patterns within the halo eternity circle effortlessly enhances the elegance of the Mangalsutra to another level. Once again the Mangalsutra beads maintain the piousness of the Mangalsutra, making the Mangalsutra traditional as well as trendy.

Traditional Mangalsutra Designs for weddings at historical places

After the beach wedding, having a royal and extravagant wedding is the second most favorite destination wedding spot for Gen Z individuals. If we look for a sarcastic point; “It's your wedding, make it large.” For individuals with this motto, historical places like a fort or any ancient palace are the best destinations for their destination wedding.

Priyanka Diamond Mangalsutra

Priyanka Diamond Mangalsutra

If you have visited a few forts or ancient palaces, you might have witnessed that the historical places had chandeliers with short-lengthed dangling lights, this Mangalsutra design is inspired by the designs of ancient chandeliers. The traditional pendant design and black Mangalsutra beads make the Mangalsutra a perfect match for destination weddings at historical places.

Anita Diamond Mangalsutra

Anita Diamond Mangalsutra

If you loved the above chandelier-inspired Mangaslutra design, you will surely love this Mangalsutra design too. Besides that, if you want to experiment with some new traditional Mangalsutra designs, you should surely give these Mangalsutras a try.

Simple Diamonds for a simple and sober wedding ceremony

The notion of having a grand extravagant wedding ceremony is slowly fading away, as the craze of traveling to new places is increasing day by day among youngsters. And as we all are very well aware, even for traveling we need money, to spend those miscellaneous bucks in traveling, millennials opt on cutting off their wedding expenses. Instead of having a grand lavish wedding, they choose to have a simple wedding ceremony with their few close ones.

Diamonds have always been best friends of millennial women for enhancing their simplest form of beauty, and so wearing diamond studded Mangalsutra for a simple intimate wedding can be your best choice.

Akira Diamond Mangalsutra

Akira Diamond Mangalsutra

The level of simplicity in this diamond Mangalsutra is incomparable. The glittery gold with a brilliantly shaped diamond placed in the center of the circle makes it perfect for everyday wear, and for occasions as well. In this Mangalsutra also once again, the black Mangalsutra beads have perfectly maintained the importance of traditional values.

Mihika Diamond Mangalsutra

Mihika Diamond Mangalsutra

For so many years, the halo cut diamonds are getting more and more fame from Genn Z women. This Mangaslutra design is a perfect example of old gold. Cushion-cut diamond rings have been in use for many decades, this is a design that is a favorite in royal as well as in middle-class families, this diamond design does not consider any level of class, it is a universal design.

This Mangalsutra is a perfectly balanced blend of traditional and royalty at the same time.

Ending Note

Mangalsutras hold really great importance among Indian traditions, and wearing Mangalsutras on a daily basis is still mandatory in many Indian families, which is why in recent times, Mangalsutras have become more fashionable jewelry than traditional jewelry pieces. 

Attending a destination wedding is fun as it involves many things like the location, wedding cuisine, wedding decorations, etc. Finding the perfect wedding outfit which matches the destination can take time but not as much as it takes time while choosing the perfect wedding jewelry piece.

If you are stuck up while choosing between traditional Mangaslutras or modern Mangalsutras, visit our online Facet Of Love store and get rid of the confusion. Here you are provided with a wide range of Mangalsutra designs that can be worn on daily basis as well as on occasions.


(1) What mangalsutra means?

Answer: In many parts of India a pendant necklace — called a mangalsutra, or “auspicious thread,” is tied around a Hindu bride's neck during the wedding ceremony, a symbol that the couple is bound in matrimony and an indication of the bride's new status as a married woman.

(2) How many types of mangalsutra are there?

Answer: There are many types of Mangalsutra like Modern Mangalsutra, Traditional Mangalsutra, Gold Mangalsutra, Diamond Mangalsutra, Simple Mangalsutra, Designer Mangalsutra etc.

(3) Which day is good to buy mangalsutra?

Answer: Mangalsutra should be purchased on Thursday or Friday or on dates 3, 12, 21, 31, 6, 15 and 24 of any month. It will protect the couple from evil-eye.

(4) How do you choose a mangalsutra?

Answer: You choose the mangalsutra based on your personal taste, budget or available options at that time. But you may forget that your choice is something the bride will have to live with for her lifetime. The bride wears a mangalsutra on a regular basis after her marriage.

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