Jewelry designs have changed a lot over time and so many different designs have been launched in the market, which is really a boon for women, as now they get plenty of design options to style their outfits. 

The level of affection Indian women have for their jewelry pieces can never be matched, gold and diamond jewelry specifically. Antique and temple jewelry are the most ancient jewelry pieces that carried out the traditional look elegantly, but as the times have changed these Traditional pieces of jewelry have gone through some modifications in their designs.

We Indians are well-known for our festivals, and we barely have any month which does not consist of any festival. Festivals are the occasions where women can show off their fashion skills, the festivals give you the energy to get more creative with fashion experimentation even if you are not into it much.

With Diwali around the corner and dressing up beautifully like a princess is every woman’s dream. But when it comes to jewelry, choosing the right one can be a difficult task for some women. Jewelry pieces for the Diwali season in the new trend for millennials and Gen Z women, and because of the increase in the jewelry craze let’s take a quick look at some jewelry pieces that can make you look lavish this festive season.

Diwali–the festival of lights, the festival when families come together and celebrate joyful moments happily, the festival which is celebrated to bring peace and to start a new beginning. Not just with beautiful dresses, mark this festival with beautiful jewelry pieces and add some more sparkle to your celebration.

Let us take a look at some of Facet Of Love’s latest collections which you can wear or gift to your loved ones. The latest collection is specially created for the Lakshmis of your house, jewelry pieces to enhance their beauty.

Pearls for the reason of your existence - Your Mother

Pearls are very elegant and soft just like a mother’s heart. A mother’s heart is always soft for her kids no matter how mischievous they are. Facet Of Love has excellent pearl jewelry that is a perfect gift for your mother or mother-in-law.

Since ancient times pieces of jewelry have been the soul of festivals when it comes to gifting ideas. This pearl Mangalsutra is a perfect gifting idea for your mother to give her a softness of pearl and glitter of gold this festive season of Diwali. The simplicity and tenderness of this Mangalsutra will pair with western as well as traditional outfits.

Diamonds For Your Doppelganger - Your Sister

Sisters are dynamic but still care for you just like a mother. Sisters are the ones who will support you at every step of your life no matter what the situation is. From stealing the sweets but not letting you feel left out, from knowing all your dirty secrets to saving you from getting scolded by the parents. After all these efforts and affection, she deserves a Diamond gift this Diwali, a Diamond that is as unique as her.

Kiran Diamond Mangalsutra

Kiran Diamond Mangalsutra

Diamond jewelry pieces are the latest trends and at Facet Of Love, you will find a jewelry collection that is a perfect amalgamation of tradition and trend into one. This Mangalsutra design for your sister is just flawless, “stars for a star”. Festive and formal, both outfits will completely pair with this beautiful creation of jewelry.

Gold For Your Better Half - Your Wife

After mother and sister, the wife is the most important person in a man’s life. Before marriage, the mother was the one who looked after you and after marriage, the wife is the one who was after everything that belongs to you. At Facet Of Love, you will find a wide range of beautiful Mangalsutra collections to enhance the uniqueness of the lovely bond.

Sija Diamond Mangalsutra

Sija Diamond Mangalsutra

Gift your wife an amazing Mangalsutra from our latest collection as a Diwali gift. The Mangalsutras that you will find at our store are completely customizable and available in three metal options – yellow gold, and white gold. Facet Of Love’s latest collections contains the best-created masterpieces by their well-experienced craftsmen. The Mangalsutras are created so that they can be worn by our beautiful ladies at any occasion, function, or formal meeting. 

This glittery gold Mangalsutra will make your wife dazzle with her beauty and outfits. There will be no limit to your better half’s happiness once she receives this beautiful gift this Diwali.

Magnificent Designs for your better half-to-be - Your Fiancee

Though you both are not married yet, still she is equally important to you just like your mother and sister and she also deserves a love charm from your side this Diwali.

Alina Diamond Mangalsutra

Alina Diamond Mangalsutra

A cute little flower for another flower of your life. This Mangalsutra design will surely leave your better half to be surprised, delighted, and awe-inspiring, all at the same time.


Before choosing any jewelry piece always consider the taste of your loved ones, their interest, and their favorite jewelry design, then choose a jewelry design and also make sure that, the piece of jewelry which is chosen will suit your loved ones in ethnic as well as formal outfits.

For years, Diwali has not just been a festival of lights and firecrackers, but it is also a festival to dress up traditionally and adorn your outfits with gold and diamond jewelry. Diwali days are those days when families get together to enjoy the best of their lives with their close loved ones and make plenty of memorable moments.

So on this Diwali gift your loved ones precious stones and gold and make their festive season more enjoyable than ever after. This Diwali, bring home the amazing creations of Facet Of Love for your loved ones. Access the masterpieces of gold and diamond Mangalsutra at our online store and flaunt your magnificent beauty for this Diwali Celebration.


(1) What is a Mangalsutra?

Answer: A Mangalsutra is a traditional necklace worn by married women in Hindu culture. It is an important symbol of marriage and marital status in India.

(2) What is the significance of a Mangalsutra?

Answer: The Mangalsutra is considered a sacred thread that represents the bond of marriage. It is believed to bring good luck, well-being, and prosperity to the couple. It is also seen as a symbol of the husband's love and commitment to his wife.

(3) Can I wear a Mangalsutra during the festive season?

Answer: Yes, you can definitely wear a Mangalsutra during the festive season. In fact, festivals are considered auspicious occasions for married women to adorn themselves with traditional jewelry, including the Mangalsutra.

(4) Can I wear a Mangalsutra with my festive attire?

Answer: Absolutely! A Mangalsutra can complement your festive attire beautifully. It adds a traditional touch to your overall look and enhances the festive vibe.

(5) Can I customize a Mangalsutra for the festive season?

Answer: Yes, many jewelers offer customization services. You can choose the design, length, type of beads, and other elements to create a personalized Mangalsutra that suits your style and preferences.