India is a very diverse country, the majority of the religions are followed by India and Hinduism is the highest followed religion, that is the reason why India is also known as the land of Hinduism. In the Hindu caste also there are various other subcastes and every subcaste has its traditions and rituals for every occasion.

Out of all the other major occasions, a wedding is the most important occasion in every religion, caste, or subcaste. A wedding is a very crucial stage of every person’s life, it is the stage in which you promise to take steps with a new person, a new family within a new surrounding.

And Mangalsutra, a wedding ornament, is a symbol of this wedding as a belief in Indian culture. Every Indian subcaste has different wedding ornaments, but the Mangalsutra is the most followed wedding ornament. It is said that Mangalsutra is that sacred thread that acts as a protective layer for both husband and wife as well as for the husband’s family also. Mangalsutra keeps evil away and protects the marriage bond. Mangalsutra is an essence of a married woman. As time flies the designs of Mangalsutra also change.

Keeping up with the Trend–Modern Mangalsutras

The Mangalsutra design keeps changing from trend to trend. Those days are long gone when there was only one ideal design of Mangalsutras, the long pendant designed Mangalsutras. But once again, as time has changed the women nowadays have also changed, almost every 9 out of 10 women is a working woman and for them, wearing a traditional long Mangalsutra every day to work is not a thing, as that traditional Mangalsutra not blend with their formal attire.

The modern woman wants short and simple designer Mangalsutra designs which match up with their modern look and formal attire. The modern Mangalsutra designs at Facet Of Love are made with the perfect blend of the traditional essence and modern Mangalsutra design trends.

The newlywed brides who want comfort and fashion at the same time are also looking for designer modern Mangalsutras whose designs are delicate and unique at same time. Small things have never done any harm to anyone so why will these small Mangalsutras? The small Mangalsutras will add a cute minimal look to your personality and they can be paired with any other jewelry piece also.

Here are some of our modern Mangalsutra designs which your wife would not be able to resist.

(1) Sunflower studded pendant Mangalsutra

Sunflower studded pendant Mangalsutra

The sunflowers are associated with loyalty and perseverance, as the sunflower follows the sun throughout the day. According to Greek Mythology, it is believed that the sunflower is a water nymph who fell in love with the sun. 

(2) Clover Pendant Mangalsutra

According to Irish culture, clovers are considered good luck flowers. The four leaves represent faith, hope, love, and luck.

(3) Eternity Circles Mangalsutra

The eternity circle reflects the notion of a never-ending path that keeps life continuing. Even the hole in the eternity circles symbolizes the vision that the one who is wearing it has a portal to that never-ending life. 

(4) Blooming Flower

Blooming Flower Mangalsutra

Flowers have many meanings, it represents new life to death, purity, passion, etc. The blooming flower represents the concept of preadolescence, magnificence, and delight. The same concept is shown in marriage life.

(5) Eternity Wreath Mangalsutra

Eternity Wreath Mangalsutra

A wreath, a circular-shaped evergreen material itself represents the continuity of life. The circle has no beginning or no end, the symbol of God’s eternity, the soul’s immorality, and its everlastingness with the grace of God.

Diamonds Are Forever–All Diamond Mangalsutras

The Mangalsutra’s definition has not been just a wedding ornament but a fashion ornament. The newlywed brides just adore flaunting their Mangalsutras with all the delicacy and uniqueness. The correct choice of Mangalsutra design is very important and it is that piece of jewelry that will be with the bride for the rest of her life.

In recent times, every woman prefers a diamond Mangalsutra rather than a simple gold Mangalsutra. Women are die-hard fans of diamonds, nothing can stop a woman from adoring diamonds. Diamonds never fade their shine and so as a woman’s love for diamonds. The diamond Mangalsutras and minimalist Mangalsutras are very popular, small designs with diamonds make the Mangalsutra look heavenly.

Many Mangalsutra designs are available in the market but minimalist Mangalsutra designs are just amazing. The minimal Mangalsutra design can be easily worn with formal as well as traditional attire. The minimal Mangalsutra enhances your Personality and fashion style. If you want to create soft elegant styles or any bold signs then also once again you can decorate the Mangalsutra with any other jewelry piece of your choice. 

Check out Facet Of Love’s diamond-studded Mangalsutras which will make your wife fall in love again.

(1) Sun Pendant Mangalsutra

Sun Pendant Mangalsutra
We know that the sun is the brightest star and it holds a very important place in Indian culture. Sun is worshiped as a deity in India. The sun is said to exemplify life, energy, power, and positivity. This Mangalsutra will definitely make your partner full of positivity.

(2) Fern Leaf Pendant Mangalsutra

Fern Leaf Pendant Mangalsutra

According to the Indian (Hindu) culture, the leaf illustrates the three supreme deities Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh (Lord Shiva). Lord Shiva is known as the supreme deity among all the deities and Bel Patra (type of leaf) is said to be the favorite leaf of Lord Shiva.

(3) Medallion Pendant Mangalsutra

Medallion Pendant Mangalsutra

Medallions can be said to the new-trend-setters. Medallions embody the concept of protection, guidance, and luck. But sometimes they are also considered as a reminder for a particular individual about what they have overcome.

(4) Lock & Key Pendant Mangalsutra

Medallion Pendant Mangalsutra

If we say in general then, Lock & Key is just a mere pendant design. But if we dive deep into its meaning then the key represents a responsibility, hidden talent or skills, and the behavior of being secretive. While the lock pictures the symbol of the marriage uniting two people with God’s grace and their religious devotion.

(5) Chevron Pendant Mangalsutra

Chevron Pendant MangalsutraStars are often considered the source of divine light and also fallen angels from up above the sky. The three stars aligned together in a row picture the notion of unity, purity, and direction to the right path.

How to Choose the Best Mangalsutra for your wife?

Mangalsutras are available in so many designs these days that it is very confusing to choose that particular one. Designs are the secondary thing, first, it is about the quality of the metal which is to be used in manufacturing the Mangalsutra, at Facet Of Love, you are provided with Mangalsutra customization. The Facet Of Love has 2 metal options, yellow gold & white gold, you can also add black beads according to your need.

Mangalsutras made from pure gold metal and the finest diamonds last much longer than fake ones. First researching and ensuring the gold quality and making your purchase can be very beneficial for you. The gold Mangalsutras are indeed very costly and the cost differs sometimes because of the materials that are used in making them but they are worth investing in.

Keeping up with trends is good but, considering the Hindu cultural significance and then choosing the Mangalsutra is best.


(1) What is a mangalsutra?

Answer: A mangalsutra is a traditional necklace worn by married Hindu women. It is a symbol of marital status and is usually made of gold and black beads. The mangalsutra holds significant cultural and religious importance in Hindu weddings and is considered a sacred thread of love and commitment.

(2) Why is a mangalsutra considered a meaningful gift for a wife?

Answer: A mangalsutra holds deep sentimental value in Hindu culture. It signifies the bond of love, trust, and commitment between a husband and wife. Gifting a mangalsutra to your wife is a gesture that honors and celebrates your marital relationship, and it serves as a reminder of the sacred vows you took during your wedding ceremony.

(3) Are there variations in mangalsutras?

Answer: Yes, there are various styles and designs of mangalsutras available. Traditionally, mangalsutras feature a pendant, often made of gold, with black beads or chains. However, contemporary designs now offer more flexibility, incorporating diamonds, gemstones, and different metals. The style and design of the mangalsutra can be chosen based on personal preferences and cultural traditions.

(4) Can a mangalsutra be personalized?

Answer: Absolutely! Many jewelry designers offer customization options for mangalsutras. You can personalize the design, choose specific gemstones or birthstones, and even add initials or engraving to make it more unique and special for your wife.

(5) When is a good time to gift a mangalsutra to your wife?

Answer: While the most common occasion to gift a mangalsutra is during the wedding ceremony, you can also present it on other special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, or during religious festivals. It can serve as a meaningful gift to celebrate milestones or to renew your commitment to each other.