Indian marriages; there hardly would be someone who is unaware of the number of celebrations an Indian marriage has. Marriages are those functions when every family member comes together to enjoy this sumptuous & buoyant event. Marriage is a turning point for both bride and groom, as their lives will be tied in a knot of new relationships.

There are several symbols that symbolize this amazing relationship. But from all the marriage symbols, Mangalsutra is the one that is the most important and the one that is a powerhouse of tons of things that benefits not only the bride, but the entire family.

No jewelry in the world can stand the competition against the styles and types of Indian jewelry. This statement is applicable to the terms of Mangalsutras as well. In the heavy trends of diamond Mangalsutras and modern Mangaslutra necklaces, we forgot the importance and amazing designs of traditional Mangalsutras.

To keep up with the trend of these diamond and modern Mangalsutra trends, traditional Mangalsutras have also come up with breathtaking latest Mangalsutra designs. 

In this article, we will be coming across some of the mesmerizing traditional Mangalsutras that you will only find at none other than Facet Of Love, a leading Mangalsutra jewelry brand in New York, USA. Experienced and highly talented jewelry designers design Mangalsutras. Mangalsutras available at our store are customizable. The customers can select the number of black beads that they want. With that, customers are availed of 3 Mangalsutra colors - yellow gold, rose gold and white gold.

Before going any further, let us learn about the reasons that enlighten us with the importance of the bride wearing Mangalsutra every day.

Importance of Wearing Traditional Mangalsutra

Every one of us is very well aware that the Mangalsutra consists of its auspicious black beads and gold. Those Mangalsutra black beads are for protecting the bride, her family and the beautiful relationship of marriage from any evil thing. 

According to some ancient Indian sayings, the black beads and gold are the symbols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati since they are the ones whose marriage is considered the best and the purest. The black beads are considered the symbols of Lord Shiva, and gold is considered for Goddess Parvati.

According to some Indian cultures, a traditional Mangalsutra should have at least 9 Mangalsutra black beads, each representing each form of energy that exists in this living world. At the same time, some cultures consider the 9 Mangalsutra black beads as the 9 forms of Goddess Parvati. 

Mangalsutra, blessed with the blessings of the creator of this universe and the only Goddess of our world, is believed to be a powerhouse of divine powers. In Indian culture, the traditional Mangalsutra is believed to protect the couple from any evil entering their life. 

Besides this, the wife is benefited the most by wearing a traditional Mangalsutra every day. Wearing traditional Mangalsutra boosts the immune system of the wife.

The gold in the traditional Mangalsutra plays the most important role in absorbing the negativity from the surroundings and passing on positive waves to the wife’s heart, improving her heart health.

The combination of Mangalsutra black beads and gold helps blood circulation throughout the woman’s body.

Till now, many Indian women have been living with a misconception that traditional Mangalsutra were multistranded and not single-stranded, which lengthed to their chest area with large, heavy gold pendants. But Facet Of Love busted their misconception by coming up with some amazing traditional Mangalsutra designs at their store for beautiful millennial and Gen Z women.

(1) Anita Diamond Mangalsutra

First, in the line, we have Anita Diamond Mangalsutra. Anita means to be graceful or merciful, so why not own a graceful symbol for your gracefulness?

Anita Diamond Mangalsutra

This traditional Mangalsutra showcases a striking 18k gold necklace whose design is inspired by a vintage curling chandelier diamond-studded pendant. Every diamond is finely shaped to maintain its brilliant cut.

The delicate pendant of this stunning traditional Mangalsutra peacefully rests on a dainty gold chain with auspicious Mangalsutra black beads. 

If you are planning to elevate your Mangalsutra collection, Anita Diamond Mangalsutra is the one you should not miss.

(2) Roshni Diamond Mangalsutra

Next up in the line, we have Roshni Diamond Mangalsutra. Roshni stands for light, something really bright that helps others look through the darkness. If you are planning to gift your wife a Mangalsutra, consider this symbol of light for the person who lightened up your life.

Roshni Diamond Mangalsutra

This traditional Mangalsutra pendant has two stars, each one for the husband and the wife. Roshni Diamond Mangalsutra represents the importance of the wife in the husband’s life and the importance of the husband in the wife’s life. Both are that ray of light for each other that can help them see through their bright future together. 

Roshni Diamond Mangalsutra is made from 18k gold with customizable Mangalsutra beads. 

(3) Suhasini Diamond Mangalsutra

Following the previous traditional Mangalsutra, Facet Of Love presents Suhasini diamond Mangalsutra. Suhasini means the one with beautiful laughter or the one who smiles beautifully. So, don’t have any second thoughts about gifting the most beautiful person in life whose one smile makes up your day, a beautiful traditional Mangalsutra.

Suhasini Diamond MangalsutraSuhasini Diamond Mangalsutra has a stunning 18k gold teardrop pendant studded with brilliant cut diamonds. The meaning of this traditional Mangalsutra name itself enhances the romance and grace in a beautiful marriage relationship. 

Ending Note From Facet Of Love

If you are a regular reader, you might be aware that wearing a Mangalsutra every day has become more of a fashion statement, which has pushed jewelry designers constantly to come up with new Mangalsutra designs. 

At Facet Of Love, we believe in helping our amazing millennial and Gen Z ladies keep up with the latest Managslutra trend, along with maintaining the auspiciousness of the traditional Mangalsutra.


(1) Why should a married woman wear mangalsutra?

Answer: It symbolizes that they will be mates for life until death separates them. A mangalsutra is a symbol of marriage and the wife is meant to wear it all her life indicating the love and commitment the husband and wife have towards each other.

(2) Why do married Hindu women wear mangalsutra?

Answer: It is an ornament (more specifically a necklace) worn by women to signify marital status. In India, Hindu married women wear it as an auspicious thread of goodwill and love.

(3) Is it okay not to wear mangalsutra?

Answer: Wearing sindoor or mangalsutra may definitely add to the natural beauty of a woman but they cannot be forced upon her. It should be a personal choice of the woman. If she is comfortable with it, she should definitely add these to her attire. But if she is not, then none should have a right to force it upon her.

(4) What is the power of the mangalsutra?

Answer: It is a promise from a husband to his wife and protects her from evil. In modern times, mangalsutra has also become a fashion statement. Astrologically, if a woman wears it according to her zodiac sign, it can be auspicious in terms of loyalty, commitment and love between husband and wife.

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