Marriages are an essential part of everyone’s life. They are one of our lives most exciting yet scary turning points. And just like marriages, Mangalsutras are an equally essential part of Indian marriages. Indian marriages are incomplete without Mangalsutras. Mangalsutras are the symbols that signify the bride’s and groom’s commitment, unity and affection.

Times have changed a lot. Mangalsutras are no longer just an auspicious love symbol, they have become a fashion statement for the millennial brides. As the brides’ Mangalsutra needs have changed over time, the Mangalsutra designs have also changed in recent years. The jewelry market is flooded with fantastic designer Mangalsutras which are a perfect amalgamation of designer modern necklaces and traditional gold Mangalsutras.

The reason why Mangalsutra has become more of a fashion statement is that the millennial ladies are independent, have their own work lives, and the traditional Mangalsutras need to blend with their daily work wears. The craze for designer short Mangalsutras has been increasing day by day. Here are a few points that you should consider while choosing a designer short Mangalsutra.

  • A Cultural Love Symbol as per Your Culture
  • The reason why you should consider this point is that in India, the gold Mangalsutra designs vary from region to region. 

    The Mangalsutra pendant designs in northern regions are more like in dangling forms. In Western regions, pendant designs are very standard and studded with colorful diamonds or other gemstones. As you go down to the southern regions, the Mangalsutra pendant designs change into “vaati” designs with engravings of gods and goddesses.

    Priyanka Diamond Mangalsutra

    It's critical to know that some elements of a traditional Mangalsutra are fundamental. Additional features are optional. The optional components can be changed according to your unique preferences and style.

    The design options for pendants are virtually limitless. Get the fundamentals correct, and you can then adjust the remainder to fit your preferences for style and personality.

  • A Mangalsutra as Versatile as You…
  • As we discussed earlier, Mangalsutra designs have evolved a lot in recent times, which is why choosing “the one” design has become very daunting. While selecting the Mangalsutra design, do not be too selective to blend that precious piece with your multiple outfits.

    You should pick a pattern that you can use on both conventional clothing and non-traditional clothing. If the style is overly conventional, it won't look good with your business or casual attire. Instead, consider a simple single-chain Mangalsutra with a modern tiny diamond pendant as an example.

    Eesha Diamond Mangalsutra

    If black beads are not your thing, you can place them sparingly in the front or the rear. This will guarantee that the black beads do not overshadow your appearance. Nowadays, brides are more accepting of not wearing any beads at all. After all, this accessory should hold sentimental value for you and match your own style.

  • Don't Forget the Length
  • No matter what jewelry you are buying, a Mangalsutra or a statement necklace, you always consider your styling choices. Selecting the appropriate chain length for your Mangalsutra is crucial.

    Some brides like to wear their Mangalsutra high up, close to the collarbone. Others favor a longer chain. You can choose a chain that is longer, up to and including 36 inches in length.

    Mangalsutra Length

    Image Source

    16 inches is the length of a typical chain. But if you are still trying to decide which length to choose, choose a 16-inch chain. 16-inch is the standard necklace length which can go with any outfit beautifully. Make sure the chain's rear has some extra loops. This will let you customize the chain length to suit your preferences and attire.

    standard necklace length

    Despite 16 inches being the standard necklace length, long-chained Mangalsutras are making headlines nowadays for the stylish and fashionable look they deliver.

  • Which Material Would You Like?
  • Yellow and white gold has become the preferable jewelry material options nowadays.

    If you love both gold colors, the best of both worlds—white gold and yellow gold—can be found in a dual-tone Mangalsutra. But reconsider; there are some very intriguing possibilities available. A dual-tone Mangalsutra is ideal because it complements most of your outfits, and other accessories work nicely with it.

    Lekha Diamond Mangalsutra

    Whatsever metal you choose, make sure that the precious metal you choose doesn't have a rhodium finish. Rhodium finish is basically a thin layer of plating applied to gold to enhance its glimmer and brilliance. If you wear the chain every day, though, it will ultimately wear off. Once it loses its sparkle, you'll need to touch it up again.

  • Is it Budget-friendly?
  • A Mangalsutra is a piece of jewelry that will represent your love for life.

    But the real question and topic to worry about is the budget.

    We very well know how extravagant and lavish Indian weddings are, and you should set aside money for each expense. Keep in mind that you'll wear your fantasy Mangalsutra for the rest of your life while planning your budget. Knowing your budget will be beneficial to both you and the designer.

    The grade of the diamonds and stones used in the Mangalsutra will determine how much it costs, as well as where you get your piece.

    If you choose to purchase from Facet of Love, you will get a high-quality item because we do not sell lab-grown diamonds; the diamonds you will find in our Mangalsutras are natural colorless diamonds. Just ensure the quality requirements in the product description match what you are looking for.

    The Choice is Yours

    So, now that you know all the steps, selecting the short Mangalsutra according to your choice will no longer be tiresome work for you. Our information will help you a lot in researching the Mangalsutras and selecting the perfect one for you.

    Mangalsutras hold the unique power of accentuating your attire, but finding a Mangalsutra that is durable and trendy at the same time will help you flaunt both traditional and Western attires.



    (1) What is a mangalsutra?

    Answer: A mangalsutra is a traditional necklace worn by married Hindu women as a symbol of their marital status. It is typically made of black and gold beads and holds great cultural and emotional significance in Hindu weddings.

    (2) Why choose a short mangalsutra?

    Answer: Short mangalsutras have gained popularity due to their versatility and modern appeal. They are more lightweight, comfortable to wear, and can be paired easily with different outfits. Additionally, short mangalsutras are considered trendy and fashionable while still retaining the traditional essence.

    (3) What factors should I consider when choosing a short mangalsutra?


    • Design: Look for a design that resonates with your personal style. It could be a simple pendant, a geometric pattern, or a combination of elements that you find appealing.
    • Length: Consider the length that suits your preference. Short mangalsutras typically fall above the neckline, so choose a length that complements your neck and collarbone.
    • Material: Mangalsutras are commonly made of gold, but you can also find them in other materials like silver or alloy. Select a material that matches your budget and durability requirements.
    • Pendant: Decide on the type of pendant you prefer, such as a traditional design with black beads, a gemstone-studded pendant, or a sleek modern pendant.
    • Budget: Set a budget that fits your financial constraints and explore options within that range.

    (4) Can I customize a short mangalsutra?

    Answer: Yes, you can customize your short mangalsutra to reflect your unique style. You can choose the design, material, length, pendant, and even add personalized engravings or initials. Many jewelers offer customization services to create a mangalsutra that meets your specific preferences.

    (5) Can I wear a short mangalsutra on special occasions?

    Answer: Absolutely! Short mangalsutras can be worn on special occasions like festivals, weddings, or family gatherings. You can choose a more elaborate design or pendant that adds elegance and complements your attire for such events.