Indian weddings are incomplete without the ceremony where the husband ties the Mangalsutra around his wife’s neck. Mangalsutra is that sacred wedding ornament that holds the highest level of significance in Indian culture representing love, trust, and respect between spouses.

In Hindu culture, it is believed to protect married couples from evil spirits and bring good luck and prosperity to their lives. Therefore, choosing the right Mangalsutra for your wedding day is crucial. 

In India, it is customary for married women to adorn themselves with Mangalsutra, a piece of jewelry that serves as an accessory and symbolizes love, commitment, and the union of two individuals. 

With a variety of modern designer Mangalsutra designs and styles available, modern Indian brides have a plethora of options to choose from. Selecting the ideal Mangalsutra for your special day is essential, as it holds significant value in Indian culture and represents love, trust, and respect between spouses. 

In today's world, brides are often employed and require frequent travel to various locations. Wearing a bulky and outdated gold Mangalsutra is simply impractical in these situations. Modern and streamlined designs must be created to suit their needs better.

If you're looking to choose the perfect Mangalsutra design that you can actually enjoy wearing every day instead of locking away in a safe, this article is here to help. It offers a step-by-step guide on how to select the right design.

1. Know your cultural requirements

Suppose you belong to the Gujarati, Maharashtrian, South Indian, or any other culturally rich Indian community. In that case, it's important to recognize that each culture has specific requirements that hold great cultural significance. Discussing these requirements with your relatives, parents, or in-laws can help you better understand them. 

Priyanka Diamond Mangalsutra

Priyanka Diamond Mangalsutra

The traditional Mangalsutra is an essential element of a wedding, consisting of a black beaded chain that can be paired with your chosen pendant. It's encouraging to see more parents and in-laws embracing cultural traditions. It's important to distinguish between essential and optional features when choosing a Mangalsutra. Make sure to personalize the optional features to reflect your preferences and individuality for a well-informed decision.

2. Choose a universal Mangalsutra design

As times change, so do the styles of Mangalsutras. Consider choosing a simple single-chain design with a small diamond pendant for a modern twist to their diamond Mangalsutras. If you're not a fan of black beads, you can opt to have just a few in the front or back so they don't dominate your overall look. 

Mihika Diamond Mangalsutra

Mihika Diamond Mangalsutra

Modern brides are increasingly willing to forego beads in their Mangalsutra designs, as the piece should reflect their personal style and hold personal meaning. However, it is important to consider the three key design principles that make a Mangalsutra versatile. 

When choosing a pendant, consider the size. It should not be too big or too small. If it is too large, you may only wear it sometimes. Look for a pendant with a simple, solid and bold shape. Avoid patterns as they can make it look traditional. Diamonds are a versatile option, but it's important to consider a dual-tone Mangalsutra that complements yellow and white gold accessories.

3. Consider the chain length of your designer Mangalsutra

Choosing the right chain length for your Mangalsutra is crucial. Some brides prefer it to be situated high up near the collarbone, while others opt for a longer chain. You can choose chains that are 22 inches or even 36 inches long, although the standard chain length is 16 inches. 

Vihaa Diamond Mangalsutra

Vihaa Diamond Mangalsutra

If you are still deciding, it is best to go for a 16-inch chain. It is important to ensure that there are extra loops at the back of the chain so that you can adjust the length to suit your preference and outfit. At Facet of Love, the diamond Mangalsutras you find come with an adjustable chain with extras loops so that you can adjust the length of your designer Mangalsutra as per your requirement.

4. Choose the pendant design for your designer Mangalsutra

As we discussed in the previous point, diamonds are versatile and every woman’s first love. But if you are someone with a bit of traditional jewelry taste, then you can go with a traditional Mangalsutra with gemstones, pearls or even sapphires. 

With this, if you are a working woman and have to travel on a regular basis, then gemstones and sapphires might not blend with all your formal outfits. You must choose a diamond pendant design to blend your designer Mangalsutra with your formal outfits. 

Lekha Diamond Mangalsutra

Lekha Diamond Mangalsutra

Some Gen Z brides prefer to wear just a gold chain with no pendants, and some prefer to wear a gold Mangalsutra with just one small diamond pendant.

5. Consider your budget

Before moving to this last and most crucial step for buying your dream Mangalsutra, you need to consider one thing very seriously - the Mangalsutra you are planning to acquire is the symbol of love between you and your spouse, and this love symbol will stay with you forever, so buying a Mangalsutra you like is very crucial. 

Secondly, it is a fact that weddings are very expensive and choosing your dream Mangalsutra can skyrocket the expenses, so it is alright if you compromise either with your budget or with your dream Mangalsutra.

You might need to pay a higher price for the brand name if you buy from big brands. Whereas, if you plan to work with local retailers, you may get your piece at a reasonable cost. You may get a high-quality piece if you shop online, as online stores don’t have overhead costs. The profits may be passed back to consumers. Ensure the quality specifications meet your expectations.

Over to you

Marriages are very overwhelming, and so is the process of Mangalsutra selection. While choosing the right designer Mangalsutra for you, go with a different flow of the latest designs of sparkling diamonds.

While trends may come and go, the timeless purity and elegance of a subtle diamond mangalsutra set remain constant. Follow these straightforward tips from Facet of Love to ensure that you obtain a versatile and timeless diamond mangalsutra at a reasonable price.