Marriage is just a simple combination of alphabets into one word, but it is a life-changing point for both the bride and groom.

Weddings can be very overwhelming, especially if they are INDIAN WEDDINGS. With the number of rituals, the lavishness of all the ceremonies, and the designer outfits for the wedding, Indian weddings are no less than a Big Fat Indian Wedding.

So you have your wedding coming up?

Wedding outfits? - Done

Makeup artist? - Booked

Wedding destination? - Booked

Wedding Photographers? - Booked

Mangalsutra? Still, needs to be done?

The task of Mangalsutra selection is still the most underrated task for every wedding and is often ignored by both family members.

Mangalsutra - a sacred thread and a symbol of pure love - is important in every Indian wedding. Symbolizing the union of a man and a woman, it is considered one of her most precious ornaments. Something which she has to wear throughout her life after getting married.

The bridal Mangalsutra set is a highly valued and sentimental emblem of the unbreakable union between a husband and wife. It is customarily worn by the wife as a sign of her commitment and devotion to her spouse and is intended to be worn for the duration of her life following the wedding ceremony. 

The Mangalsutra set is a constant reminder of the love and promise shared between the couple and is often passed down as a cherished family heirloom for generations to come.

Those days are gone when bridal Mangalsutra came in just one pattern. Now this beautiful love symbol comes in various designs and patterns, which is why it has become very important for brides as well as grooms to spare some time and select the right piece of bridal Mangalsutra set design. 

Here in this blog, we have curated some essential points that you must consider before selecting your perfect designer Mangalsutra set, which you can wear every day and not keep locked away in a safe.

  • Decide your budget
  • Nothing is free in this world, so how can your bridal Mangalsutra set be?

    When choosing a Mangalsutra set, it's crucial to consider the cost. With a variety of designs, cuts, and metals available, the price of a bridal Mangalsutra can vary greatly. To simplify the process, it's recommended to set a budget beforehand and stick to it. Look for designs that are within your budget rather than exceeding it. By doing so, you'll be able to easily find your ideal Mangalsutra.

    Neha Diamond Mangalsutra

    Neha Diamond Mangalsutra


  • Decide the gold color
  • In the past, traditional Mangalsutras were predominantly crafted from gold. However, modern times have brought about a variety of gold colors to choose from, including rose gold and white gold.

    Arzoo Diamond Mangalsutra


    Arzoo Diamond Mangalsutra

    When making your decision, it's important to carefully consider all options within your budget and select the metal that best aligns with your personal preferences. Additionally, for those with the means, a diamond-studded mangalsutra may be a luxurious and stunning choice.

  • Consider your requirement
  • As a working woman, it can be challenging to find the perfect Mangalsutra designs that are suitable for daily wear. If you're in search of a designer Mangalsutra, it's wise to opt for one with a lightweight yet sophisticated design that is also comfortable for regular use. 

    Sanaya Diamond Mangalsutra

    Sanaya Diamond Mangalsutra

    However, if you're looking for a Mangalsutra for special occasions, it's best to consider a large traditional one with intricate designs that will make you stand out from the crowd. Remember, choosing the right Mangalsutra is crucial, as it represents the sacred bond between you and your partner.

  • Choose your Mangalsutra pendant
  • There is a plethora of pendant styles available for Mangalsutras, ranging from heavily adorned designs to hanging pendants, small pendants, and lightweight options. With an abundance of choices, it can be quite overwhelming to select just one. 

    Aneesa Diamond Mangalsutra

    Aneesa Diamond Mangalsutra

    To simplify the selection process, begin by narrowing down your options to a few preferred designs and trying them on individually to determine which complements you the most. It is also crucial to take into account comfort and how frequently you anticipate wearing the pendant when making your final decision.

  • Authenticity and Quality Check
  • So you have considered all these points and have selected your perfect Mangalsutra, but have you checked the gold quality of your Mangalsutra? As we already stated that the wedding necklace is a lifetime investment and is meant to be worn by the bride 24/7, hence you need to run a quality check before adding it to your trousseau. Know the difference between all 10k, 14k and 18k gold qualities and try to avoid Mangalsutra set below 18k as they are highly prone to tarnish as they possess high levels of other alloys which can be allergic to some people.

    Choose your perfect Mangalsutra

    We have conducted extensive research to provide you with a comprehensive guide on the crucial elements to consider when purchasing a contemporary Mangalsutra design. 

    Our objective is to aid you in choosing the ideal wedding necklace that not only enhances your overall appearance but also endures the test of time. It is imperative to ensure that the Mangalsutra you select is not only visually appealing but also possesses the ability to complement your attire while retaining its relevance for years to come. 

    We highly recommend that you keep in mind the key factors we have outlined, as they will undoubtedly assist you in making a prudent investment that is both valuable and worthwhile.