Diamonds are like women’s first love. No matter how huge their collection of diamond jewelry pieces is, it will never be enough for them. Mere dozens of jewelry pieces cannot quench a woman’s thirst for owning diamond jewelry pieces.

Women love to have their wardrobes filled with diamond jewelry. But little do they forget having a diamond jewelry-filled wardrobe is never enough. The sparkling diamonds need some care or will lose their shine and sparkle over time. 

Why do Diamonds need to have Cared?

Though the hardest substance on this lively planet, diamonds can get damaged. Frequent contact with chemicals and saltwater, meeting any mishaps or accidents, and other misfortunate factors can damage your diamond.

If you own a huge collection of American diamond jewelry, do not feel exceptional because if real diamonds can get damaged, then American diamonds are definitely no exception.

For women, it is easy to own as many diamond jewelry pieces as they want, but they always forget that as we need proper body care regularly, diamonds, too, need proper body care from time to time.

Not taking proper care of your favorite diamond jewelry can lead you to lose that favorite jewelry piece forever. If you do not want to face this nightmare, do not ignore the importance of taking proper care of your diamond jewelry pieces.

Storage Tips for Your Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry pieces are always dear to every woman’s heart, and they wish that their diamond jewelry last till eternity. Lasting the jewelry piece for eternity is not that easy, it needs a lot of care. 

Though learning the right way of storing and caring for the diamond jewelry piece is no rocket science, anybody can learn it, but it requires a couple of minutes to be spared.

You might be following some handy storing and caring tips, and you might be doing them correctly too, but here we collected some more information about the storage tips that you might have missed.

  • Right Environment

  • Diamonds do not react with any mild chemicals at room temperature, but diamonds can react if hard chemicals or acids are used. Hence, diamonds need to be stored at the correct room temperature, far away from hard chemicals and acids.  

    You should choose any cool and dry place to store your diamond jewelry. You also must make sure that your diamonds do not come in direct contact with sunlight because it can lead to diamond tarnishing.

    Strictly avoid household chemicals like bleach and chlorine, as they can cause a diamond to break down or make the diamond brittle.

    If you are not availed of any specific jewelry box, it is kindly advised to keep the diamond jewelry in its respective box in which it was delivered to you. You can also use acid-free tissue papers, raw silk or cotton cloth to secure the jewelry piece. 

    In addition to this, you can also use the silicon pockets found in plastic containers. These pockets help in balancing the humidity around your diamond jewelry.

  • Avoid Storing Different Diamonds Together

  • There are different types of diamonds available to us. As we know, diamonds are the hardest materials on our earth. Storing other jewelry pieces or diamonds in one box can damage each other. 

    Soft substances like gold and silver and other soft gems like ruby and emerald can be easily damaged by diamonds. Due to this, storing diamond jewelry away from each other in the jewelry box can avoid diamonds and other gems from clashing with one another.

    If you own more diamond necklaces, try to detach their diamond pendants from your silver or gold chain. Storing your jewelry pieces in a large jewelry box with a different ring, necklace and bracelet can help you in storing your jewelry piece separately.

  • Invest in a Separate Jewelry Box or Get a Jewelry Casket

  • As we discussed earlier, women own a huge collection of diamond jewelry pieces. You might own a single type of jewelry in this huge jewelry collection. It might be your earrings, finger rings, toe rings, nose pins or rings, necklaces, or even bracelets. 

    The jewelry box you own might have less finger ring storage section and more of the necklace section, and vice versa for other jewelry pieces. Owning a huge jewelry box or casket will be a waste of money as it will store only half of your jewelry pieces. What’s the use? Nothing.

    To tackle this situation, you can own different jewelry boxes and store your jewelry pieces in their comfort zones. Though this decision can be both money and storage-consuming, if both of these factors do not matter to you, you can go for it. This decision is also tiresome as it will be difficult for you to find that one diamond jewelry piece you are looking for.

    In these cases, nothing can help other than a jewelry casket. These jewelry caskets also come with a lock system, so you need not worry about losing your jewelry pieces. Jewelry caskets make a great storage option while traveling long distances.

  • First Clean, Then Store

  • When we wear the jewelry piece all day, dust particles and other polluted particles, perfume droplets, face powder particles, and various other things are stuck onto the jewelry piece. If you seal them away without rinsing the dust and pollution away from the diamond jewelry, these particles will gradually damage the diamond.

    As a consequence, the majority of jewelry designers have advised diamond jewelry owners to wash their jewelry pieces before sealing them away in their safe caskets.

    Always wash the jewelry pieces with lukewarm water and mild dishwasher, handwash, soap or shampoo. Keep the jewelry piece for several minutes dipped into lukewarm soapy water, and it will be easier to wash the piece quickly.

    Take Care of Your Jewelry Piece

    We hope your love for diamonds and diamonds should never tarnish. You must treat your diamonds like infants. They need to be taken care of more often. Take proper care of your lovelies, and they will last for eternity.

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    (1) Why is proper storage important for diamond jewelry?

    Answer: Proper storage helps protect diamond jewelry from damage, scratches, and other potential risks. It also helps maintain the brilliance and beauty of the diamonds.

    (2) What is the best way to store diamond jewelry?

    Answer: The best way to store diamond jewelry is by keeping it in a soft cloth pouch or a lined jewelry box. This helps prevent scratches and keeps the pieces separated to avoid tangling or rubbing against each other.

    (3) Can I store diamond jewelry together with other types of jewelry?

    Answer: It's generally recommended to store diamond jewelry separately from other jewelry pieces to prevent scratches. Diamonds are incredibly hard and can scratch other gemstones or metals.

    (4) Should I clean my diamond jewelry before storing it?

    Answer: It's a good practice to clean diamond jewelry before storing it to remove oils, dirt, or residues that can dull their sparkle. Use a mild jewelry cleaner or warm soapy water and a soft brush, and ensure the jewelry is completely dry before storing it.

    (5) How can I protect diamond jewelry during travel?

    Answer: When traveling, it's important to pack diamond jewelry in a padded travel case or a pouch to prevent damage. Carry the jewelry in your carry-on bag instead of checking it in to minimize the risk of loss or theft.