When you are out shopping you come across so many beautiful outfits, pieces of jewelry, accessories, etc. but not every outfit or jewelry piece is suitable for us. So in that case, choosing the right piece of jewelry that fits your body and face shape as well, is a crucial decision when it is about accessorizing yourself.

If you like to style your jewelry pieces differently for every new day then considering a few factors is very important. When it is to jewelry pieces face shape is one that plays a key role in styling your jewelry pieces. 

God has blessed every woman with their own unique individual features which make her stand out from the crowd. Just like the fingerprints are different from one another, in the same way, every face is different from another one. From eyes to nose, from cheeks to jawlines, everything is different. When every woman is unique in her own way, then why choose the same type of jewelry piece?

If you choose the perfect jewelry piece which is completely suitable to your face shape, it will enhance your looks very beautifully. A single piece of jewelry looks different on different types of face shapes.

Scientifically, there are six different types of face shapes:

Oval, Round, Square, Rectangle, Diamond, Heart-shaped, and Triangular shape (which is also known as pear shape). 

Once you determine your face type and choose the jewelry piece according to it, you can just rock your style. But now the question is, how to determine the face shape? Well, determining it is no rocket science, one can easily determine their face shape effortlessly by following a few points.

How to determine your face shape?

There are many different techniques for determining your face shape. There is no specific thumb rule for this process, there are just simple guidelines. You can start this process by looking in the mirror and analyzing your face. Once you analyze it then after mark your face with the help of a thick marker pen. On the mirror obviously, not on your face. Duh!

If you are still unable to determine the face shape, don’t worry, there is another technique too. You will be having one of your passport-size images which you must have given in to fill up any academic form. In that picture you are dressed in the most sophisticated manner, all hair tied up completely. Take that one picture and determine your face shape with it.

Mark the points where your face is the broadest and also the place where your face is the narrowest. This technique can help you in getting your perfect face shape. After getting the results, you may get confused about your “true” face shape.

The oval shape and diamond shape are almost the same, just the diamond shape has sharp edges while the oval shape does not have any edges. While the round shape and the square shape are similar to quite a great extent. Guidelines for round faces can be applied to square shape faces also.

Let us now bifurcate the face shapes and dig deep into them.

Oval Face Shape

Wide from the top which is the forehead and the temple is the key feature of an oval-shaped face. The oval-shaped faces are longer instead of wider, from the forehead to the chin with a curve. It is very necessary to choose the kind of jewelry that looks good on you.

Choosing a short-length Necklace Mangalsutra with components like a triangle shape which is an angular shape is the best choice that can be accessorized to enhance your oval face shape. Well, when it comes to experimenting you are free to experiment with any other shape of jewelry.

You can also choose any long dangling jewelry piece that can also enhance your face look.

Necklace Mangalsutra

Round Shaped Face

Of all the different face shapes, the round-shaped face is the most similar one with the oval face shape. At first glance, both oval and round face shapes look the same, but they also have a major difference between them. The forehead and temple area in the round face shape is not as broad as the oval-shaped face. Other than that the round face shape has soft curves while the oval face shape has a bit sharp curves.

To enhance your soft face curves you can also consider the guidelines for oval face shape, you can opt for a dangling necklace Mangalsutra like this one.

Danvi Diamond Mangalsutra

Square Shaped Face

The faces which have the same width from top to bottom of their face are considered square faces. This indicates that the forehead, cheeks, and even jawline are aligned with the same width. The square face shape is misunderstood as a round-shaped face but the angular points of the square shape make a square face shape.

circular design Mangalsutras 

While accessorizing the square shape of the face, you can choose circular design Mangalsutras like teardrop design, round design, oval design, etc. these designs will enhance your face looks. If you have a lot of circular designs, you can go for chandelier style Mangalsutras also as they have the same effect as the circular designs

Rectangle face shape

The rectangular face shape has the same features as the square face shape, same width from the forehead to the chin. Just like the geometrical shape, the square has the same length and width, but the rectangle shape has more length and the same width.

For this type of face shape, a choker necklace Mangalsutra can be your best styling buddy just like this one.

choker necklace Mangalsutra
You can even style your rectangle-shaped face with Mangalsutra designs that are oval in shape. Dangling pendants are every face’s best friend you can opt for that also.

Triangular shaped face

This shape is also known as a pear-shaped face which is narrow from the forehead and wide from the cheeks and chin. To make your face look less triangular choose a short necklace Mangalsutra which has soft curvy designs, like the Mangalsutra shown below.

short necklace Mangalsutra

Concluding the points

You are always free to experiment with different styles of designs, just remember it will be always about your sentiments and not the styling rules, you are beautiful just the way you are.

Now that you have learned about the different face shapes and which designs will suit the face shapes more effectively, you will not have to waste time searching cluelessly about which design will suit you more.


(1) Which face shape is most attractive?

Answer: Oval - Your face is often longer than wide, with the forehead standing out as the largest area of your face.

(2) How do I choose flattering jewelry?

Answer: You can choose according to Hand, Skin tone, Jewelry for different occasions, Harmony between your jewelry pieces, Quality etc.

(3) What jewelry looks classy?

Answer: Our guide to the 6 pieces of classic, timeless jewelry that will never lead you astray. Stud Earrings, Bangle Bracelet, Pendant Necklace, Gold Chain Necklace, Signet Ring, Stacking Ring etc.

(4) What jewelry can you wear all the time?

Answer: When it comes to figuring out what kind of jewelry is sweat- and water-resistant (whether it's rings, necklaces, earrings, or even a medical bracelet).

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