Walking down the aisle looking at him look at you dreamy-eyed reaffirmed you’ve married the man of your desire - but this is just the beginning of all that you’re feeling deep within. Love is in the air and in your veins, gushing like an open faucet. Coming close to first is spot number 2 that in actuality comes even before spot number 1. No prizes for guessing. It’s the Honeymoon! 

The truly the madly the deeply all come under one roof of mush love and hot romance while planning the most sought-after vacay post all the madness of the wedding. The couple can rejoice their love nestled in each other’s arms, away from all mayhem, away from an army of people. And as they say, start it on a sweet note! What can be sweeter than being with your hon on your honeymoon? 

The real question now is - Are You Honeymoon Ready? 

Here’s a 5 point quiz to take to know if you are. A score below 4 would just mean you need a mini vacay to plan it better 😉

  • Are you on the same page with your dream destination?
  • It’s very important for both of you to come to a happy consensus as far the destination is concerned. Beach, mountains, snow, lake or just club hopping in Vegas - be in unison! 

    Your happy place is half job done! Rest will flow in accord. 

  • Are you chill? 
  • Don’t carry work on your honeymoon. Be relaxed and breathe. This time is to hold hands, walk on wet sand under moonlit sky, go scuba, swim, drink wine and eat jumbo prawns. Let there be time to flow with it. 

  • Plan earlier, Don’t fight later
  • Plan out your activities beforehand - you need to squeeze in things he and you both like. Companionship is also caring for the other’s wishes. 

  • Are you wardrobe ready? 
  • We live in the immersive world of social media and besides, you want to look stunning in those pictures at your dream destination. Hopefully your bags are packed with hot bikinis and ethereal flowy kaftaans, girls! And Kool printed tees, boys! (obviously this is beach reference)

  • You didn’t forget the passport at home? 
  • Need I say more?

    Stay Modern with Gold Mangalsutra. Honeymoon Looks. Your honeymoon is when you can go all out with your fashion choices.