The apple of your eye, your partner-in-crime, your best friend is getting married and she’s popped the second most vital question to you. The coveted position of the bridesmaid has come rolling in your lap and now you’re bustling with uncontrollable excitement. Following the bride, it’s her bridesmaid who garners all attention but much said about that, all the planning and execution can be nerve-wrecking especially if you’re a noob. Plop! 

Don’t worry sweet-pie because we lay out 7 ways for you to not only up your game as the bridesmaid but be touted as the BEST ONE

  1. In the middle of the wedding chaos, make sure you take a few things off your bestie’s to-do list without her having to tell you - like coordinating with vendors or rsvp-ing guests. This will buy her tiny time to relax. 
  2. Help her choose her dream wedding dress - don’t vanish on outfit trials or on those days that need running around. She’d love you as a rock support. 
  3. Throw her a hen party she’d remember for life. Time for bachelorette shenanigans - plan a crazy limo ride with gfs or just get together in the backyard for a theme party over drinks and dance. Maybe, play her a reel of precious moments she can cherish for life. 
  4. Take her mind off the wedding strain - spend a night with her recalling and laughing about silly nothings over bubbly and video calls with friends who can’t make it. 
  5. Obviously you’re ready with the most beautiful gown for your bestie’s wedding but don’t take the spotlight away from her on her big day. While planning your perfect bridesmaid dress, ensure you look hot but she looks the hottest.
  6. When the d-day arrives and your bff walks out looking splendid, see that you click a few candid pics. This beautiful gesture will warm the cockles of her heart for a long time to come. 
  7. Weddings can get exhausting with a bag full of things to supervise. As her maid of honour, attend to little details about her. Helping her with her dress or holding gifts or arranging for a quick sip of the amazing gin are just a few things that’d make you an unparalleled friend and the BEST BRIDESMAID.


(1) What does it mean to be the best bridesmaid ever?

Answer: Being the best bridesmaid ever means being a supportive and reliable friend to the bride during her wedding preparations and on the big day. It involves going above and beyond to help her with various tasks, being enthusiastic and positive, and ensuring that she feels loved and supported throughout the entire wedding journey.

(2) How can I show my support for the bride?

Answer: There are several ways to show your support for the bride:

  • Offer to help with wedding planning tasks, such as researching vendors, addressing invitations, or creating DIY decorations.
  • Attend dress fittings, vendor meetings, and other important appointments with the bride.
  • Be a good listener and provide emotional support whenever she needs it.
  • Help with any pre-wedding events, such as the bridal shower or bachelorette party.
  • Offer to run errands or assist with any last-minute needs on the wedding day.

(3) What are some ways to be helpful during the wedding preparations?

Answer: To be helpful during the wedding preparations, consider the following:

  • Assist with organizing and coordinating tasks.
  • Help the bride create a wedding timeline and checklist.
  • Offer to research and provide recommendations for vendors, venues, or other wedding-related services.
  • Help with DIY projects, such as assembling wedding favors or creating centerpieces.
  • Assist with addressing and sending out invitations.
  • Help the bride stay organized by keeping track of RSVPs and managing guest lists.

(4) How can I make the bride feel special on her wedding day?

Answer: To make the bride feel special on her wedding day, you can:

  • Be there for her emotionally and offer words of encouragement.
  • Assist with her getting ready process, such as helping her with her dress, hair, or makeup.
  • Ensure she stays hydrated and eats something throughout the day.
  • Help her with any last-minute tasks or errands.
  • Keep her calm and relaxed by providing a positive and supportive presence.
  • Remind her to take breaks and enjoy the special moments of the day.

(5) Should I help with the bridal shower and bachelorette party?

Answer: As a bridesmaid, it is generally expected that you will assist with the bridal shower and bachelorette party. You can offer to help plan and organize these events, contribute financially if necessary, and ensure the bride has a memorable time. Collaborate with the other bridesmaids to divide the tasks and responsibilities to make the events successful and enjoyable for the bride.