A bride is the star of her wedding, and there is no doubt about that. She is the only showstopper, and everyone's eyes are on her throughout the whole time. But if we slowly move our eyes beside the bride, we will encounter a group of beautiful ladies dressed up amazingly, who are known as bridesmaids.

There is a very ironic old folklore linked to bridesmaids, that if a woman has become a bridesmaid more than three times, then she will never get married. In reality, this folklore is not at all genuine. The choice of getting married is based on the willingness of the individual and not the quantity of her becoming a bridesmaid.

If you have your sister’s or best friend’s wedding approaching, then it's time for you to go bridesmaid shopping, choice of clothes is an easy task but the choice of jewelry pieces is not. Choosing the felicitous jewelry piece that matches your bridesmaid outfit in the right way is very important, as it helps you win almost half of the styling game as a bridesmaid.

If you are confused about what to wear as a bridesmaid, here is a list of a few jewelry pieces which can give you a stunning look as a bridesmaid.

1. Style following your dress

There are plenty of jewelry pieces available in the market like bracelets, heavy large diamond rings, etc. but opting for the right jewelry piece can give a very mind-blowing touch to your bridesmaid look. Before choosing the right jewelry piece, the first rule the bridesmaid has to consider is her outfit, especially the necklines of the dresses.

If you have a large collection of sweetheart-neckline dresses, then you can blindly opt for choker necklaces, large dangling earrings, and even large pendant long neckpieces.

If you are already married, good for you, you are out of the ironic folklore culture. Jokes apart, if you are married, you can choose Mangalsutras designed as choker chains, or even long traditional Mangalsutras

If you are not a traditional Mangalsutra fan, choose a choker-chained Mangalsutra and you are ready to rock the bridesmaid look.


Kavya Diamond Mangalsutra Kavya Diamond Mangalsutra

If you have a large collection of off-shoulder neckline dresses, you should choose large earrings or large bracelets as these neckline patterns hold enough of the style around your neck. Choosing only earrings or bracelets will give your bridesmaid appearance a chic look.

Just like these off-shoulder necklines, the V-neck necklines hold enough of the style because of their complimentary shape, styling these necklines with simple pendant Mangalsutras will just do fine.

Lekha Diamond Mangalsutra

Lekha Diamond Mangalsutra

This same case is not with the halter necklines because these necklines cover a major part of your neck so styling the neck is not a recommended option. Well, in that case, we can style the ears to give the face and bridesmaid look a beautiful touch. Choose a large hoop or drop earrings if you are wearing a halter neckline dress.

A stylish version of these halter necklines is the illusion neckline, these necklines have embroidered lace that itself acts as a neck accessory, so once again styling the neck is not an option. Just like the halter neckline styling rules, choose drop earrings for your sheer neckline dresses.

2. Style following the wedding destination

Just imagine, the wedding is held at a grand royal palace, and you have styled with simple jewelry pieces instead of large royal jewelry pieces like your other bridesmaid friends, seems like a nightmare, isn’t it? To avoid this nightmare becoming a reality, considering the wedding destination is as important as considering the bridesmaid outfit.

To know more about this topic you can kindly refer to one of our previous blogs which are specially composed to cover this topic Latest Mangalsutra Pieces For Destination Weddings.

3. Maintaining consistency is vital

After planning the outfit, plan all your accessories appropriately. If you are choosing rose gold earrings, choose the same metal for other accessories also. If you want to wear white gold earrings, opt for the same metal or silver bracelets or necklaces while choosing the accessories. 

Wearing a rose gold earring, a white gold bracelet, and a yellow gold neckpiece will deteriorate your bridesmaid look.

4. A minimal look always rocks

It is true that weddings are all about wearing heavy and stylish jewels, but not every person is fond of heavy and stylish jewels, just like every person’s fingerprint is not the same, their taste will also not be the same. 

Some like to dress up in the most minimal way no matter what the occasion is. If you are about to attend a wedding during the summertime, then wearing heavy stylish jewelry pieces can get you in trouble as those jewelry pieces cannot give you the same comfort zone as the minimal jewelry pieces.

5. A Bridesmaid’s choice is the final one

Having a bridesmaid dress code is gaining quite a popularity nowadays among the millennials. Of course, the bride is the one who decides the dress code, but before deciding the dress code, it is a moral duty of the bride to discuss the dress code with her bridesmaids as they are the ones at last who will be wearing everything and running around the bride with those heavy adornments will not help the bride or the bridesmaids in any way.

So it is highly recommended to consider the decisions and suggestions of the bridesmaids.

Happy Note

Styling a bridesmaid’s look is as difficult as styling a bride’s look, but if the bridesmaid follows all the simple basic styling rules, rocking the bridesmaid's look will be extremely easy.

Once again, experiments give birth to new inventions, so it is totally the bridesmaid’s choice to experiment with her bridesmaid look, but strictly consider the styling rules always and flaunt the beauty.


(1) What is jewellery pieces?

Answer: Jewellery (Commonwealth English) or jewelry (American English) consists of decorative items worn for personal adornment, such as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and cufflinks. Jewellery may be attached to the body or the clothes.

(2) What is the most popular type of jewelry?

Answer: While necklaces are the best-performing jewelry category globally, women prefer earrings over other jewelry.

(3) What is a three piece jewelry set called?

Answer: A full parure is typically comprised of three or more jewelry pieces such as a ring, a bracelet, a pair of earrings, a necklace, a brooch, or a tiara, while a demi-parure is any combination of at least two of the previously mentioned items.

(4) What is high quality jewelry?

Answer: High quality jewelry is made of precious metal alloys. This is a mixture of different metals. Among the most popular are silver, gold and platinum. Gold also shows up in different colors such as yellow gold or rose gold for jewelry.

(5) What is a small jewelry box called?

Answer: A casket is a decorative box or container that is usually smaller than a chest and is typically decorated.