India is a country of great culture and numerous traditions, from which marriage is also a tradition, and this tradition differs from state to state across the whole country. Even the marriage traditions are different among all Indian states. But the ritual of the husband tying the Mangalsutra around his wife’s neck is always the same.

Mangalsutra is the symbol of pride for a married woman, as Mangalsutra is the most pious piece of jewelry that the husband ties around his wife’s neck. Mangalsutra is a Sanskrit word chosen by our ancestors. Indians have practiced the ritual of tying the Mangalsutra for many years, and there are scientific reasons behind it too.

The original Mangalsutras were made from sacred yellow yarns coated with turmeric and saffron paste. Wearing Mangalsutra every day has many benefits for the woman, and all those benefits are scientifically proven. 

We all care about turmeric and saffron's health benefits, which is why wearing the Mangalsutra has both spiritual and scientific importance. If we debate the scientific reasons, then Mangalsutra helps the woman keep herself calm and soothed. While for spiritual reasons, the Mangalsutra protects the wife from something that is a bad omen.

From the north to the south, Mangalsutra designs change from state to state, and every Mangalsutra design has its own regional, tribal, and spiritual significance. In spite of every other thing, nowadays, Mangalsutra has become more of a form of fashion jewelry instead of traditional wedding jewelry.

Ironically, the early times were when most of the in-laws asked their daughters-in-law to wear Mangalsutras every day, even if they were unwilling to wear them. Still, as years passed, in-laws modernized themselves, and Mangalsutra designs also modernized themselves. Now the time has come that the majority of in-laws do not ask their daughters-in-law to wear Mangalsutra daily. The daughters-in-law want to wear Mangalsutras daily because the latest Mangalsutra designs are just irresistible.

Let us check out some latest Mangalsutra designs the brides-to-be can choose from for their big fat wedding day.

  • Traditional Mangalsutra

  • As stated at the starting point, following each and every tradition and flaunting ancestral lands is the sole duty of every Indian. Whether it is a festival, wedding, or any other family function, modern women love to show off their traditional Mangalsutra.

    The traditional Mangalsutra design and the story behind that design are different for every Indian state. For example, the Mangalsutra design from Maharashtra has two vatis– which means bowls. Another Mangalsutra design from the south has carvings of the family’s particular deity and pendants of flat thalis.

  • All-Diamond Mangalsutra

  • Diamonds are the toughest form of carbon and are every woman’s favorite. There is no doubt that diamonds are very expensive, and very few people can afford real diamonds, but a woman’s love for diamonds always makes them look forward to buying one jewelry piece of a real diamond.

    Despite the cost of the diamond jewelry, a diamond Mangalsutra can never go out of style. It gives the woman an altogether delicate and elegant look. Diamond Mangalsutra can be so mesmerizing that it can replace all other types of Mangalsutra designs.

    Buying Diamond Mangalsutra made from fake diamonds can be an easy alternative for the love of your diamond Mangalsutra.

  • Modern Mangalsutra

  • Modern Mangalsutras include a vast variety of Mangalsutra designs. From flowers to geometrical shapes and even name Mangalsutra designs are included in the category of modern Mangalsutra design.

    Modern Mangalsutras can also be known as customized Mangalsutras, as the designs of these Mangalsutras depend on how the bride wants the Mangalsutra design to be. These Mangalsutra pendants mainly have very delicate designs.

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  • Oxidized Mangalsutra

  • When we hear the word Oxidized jewelry, the only thing that pops into our mind is the festival of Navratri, but now even besides the Navratri days, oxidized jewelry pieces are getting in-trend for its fine artwork, which makes it modern and ethnic jewelry as well. Oxidization is a process of blackening sterling silver through a chemical treatment. 

    Oxidized Mangalsutras have the power to beautify any women who wear them. Oxidized Mangalsutras if decorated with colorful gemstones and other glass pieces around the Mangalsutra. The earliest Mangalsutra thread consisted of black pious Mangalsutra beads, which now have changed with silver beads.

    Green, red and white is considered the most sacred colors and which is why most of the oxidized Mangalsutras have stones or gemstones of these colors. The central pendant of the oxidized piece is designed beautifully with excellent stylish creation work.

  • Minimal Mangalsutra Designs

  • Going minimal is the new fashion trend in recent times. These minimal Mangalsutras have small and delicate pendant designs, which are excellent in symbolizing the tenderness and beauty of women.

    In these Mangalsutra pieces, the pendant is the center of attraction as the Mangalsutra have thin single gold chains instead of thick gold chains. Because of these characteristics, these minimal Mangalsutras are also known as Mangalsutra necklaces.

    These minimal Mangalsutras have a single chain of black beads or a single gold chain with a minimum amount of black beads. In this Mangalsutra, the majority of its weight rests upon the pendant as it has a single chain.

    Bottom Phrase

    After looking at these beautiful Mangalsutra designs, we can conclude that the Mangalsutra design has changed a lot and is now available in so many unique designs. 

    The Mangalsutra has been worn by our Indian married women for centuries, and now it has become fashion jewelry, and the evolving trends of this fashion jewelry can affirmatively state that this fashion will never go out of style.


    (1) Which type of mangalsutra is best?

    Answer: Traditional mangalsutra is still worn by many brides today. It is a simple chain in gold or a chain with black beads that represents the strength of the marital bond.

    (2) How do I choose a mangalsutra?

    Answer: You choose the mangalsutra based on your personal taste, budget or available options.

    (3) How to wear Traditional Mangalsutra?

    Answer: The most traditional Mangalsutras were made from yellow threads that were covered with turmeric and saffron paste, and the Mangalsutra pendants had an engraving of the groom’s respective family deities.

    (4) How many types of mangalsutra are there?

    Answer: Mangalsutra based on the culture has over a 15 names like Tanmaniya, Taagpaag, Dejhoor, Thaali, Nallapusalu, Hirumangalyam, Minnu, Manthrakodi, Mangalasutramu , Pustelu, Maangalyamu, Ramar Thaali , Bottu, Vatis, Dhaaremani, Muhurthmani, Maangalya-Sutra. There are some cultures that do not wear mangalsutra.

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