Mangalsutra; there is a lot to say about Mangalsutra, yet this timeless piece of jewelry leaves everyone speechless with its fascinating designs and glittery gold. Mangalsutra is the thread that binds and protects the couple together for the rest of their lives. 

Modern-day working women are not into wearing traditional Mangalsutras daily to their workplace. So, without wasting any more words, let us dive into the deep ocean of stunning latest diamond Mangalsutra designs for women at Facet Of Love.

1. Ruhi Diamond Mangalsutra

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The 3 solitaire design has become very popular in the last few years. Solitaire was witnessed on almost every third woman’s neck. Solitaire diamonds are the cutest in their own way. 

The set of 3 solitaires in Ruhi diamond Mangalsutra is a representation of the couple’s past, which they have spent together, the present in which they are living right now and the future time that they will be spending together. The 18k exquisite gold chain adorned with auspicious black beads makes the Mangalsutra a perfect amalgamation of sophistication, love and cultural tradition.

2. Kajol Diamond Mangalsutra

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Butterfly pendants are always the best when used in a jewelry piece, and a butterfly pendant embellished with diamonds makes the Kajol diamond Mangalsutra irresistible for Gen Z and millennial ladies. The fusion of Mangalsutra black beads and the additional baby diamonds enhanced the tenderness of this diamond Mangalsutra.

3. Zoya Diamond Mangalsutra

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Eternity circles are the best symbols of the couple's everlasting love. In Zoya diamond Mangalsutra, each eternity circle depicts the husband and the wife. And the mingling of the circles together portrays their promise and commitment to staying together through eternities by enhancing their unbreakable bond.

When worn, this ornated 18k gold chain will embrace your personality and romantic relationship for the rest of your life. The graceful Mangalsutra gold chain is garnished with black beads to give the Mangalsutra a rich and cultural look.

4. Zara Diamond Mangalsutra

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In Indian mythology, the Sun is associated with an important Indian deity. If you are an Indian, you might have noticed your grandparents or even parents pouring water into the plants facing the sun. 

The Zara diamond Mangalsutra’s design is elevated by the sun pendant that is centered peacefully on the 18k pleasing gold chain. This modern Mangalsutra has blended the modern, sophisticated design with India’s ancient culture. Bless your relationship with this stunning ornamental design that will celebrate your imperishable love and relationship every day. Welcome the change, growth and renewal of your life with this perfect love symbol.

5. Tara Diamond Mangalsutra

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There can be various meanings related to the Tara diamond Mangalsutra design. The single solitaire in the middle of the eternal circle represents the wife, and the circle represents the husband, which means that the wife is the center of her husband’s world. 

Whereas on the other hand, solitaire can be portrayed as the whole family and the eternity circle as the wife, which overall means that the wife is the one that protects her whole family from any evil.

Tara diamond Mangalsutra is the best piece of jewelry to express your feelings and respect for your wife. The 18k gold chain is beautified with the Mangalsutra black beads that balance the traditional and modern look of the Mangalsutra.

6. Sonam Diamond Mangalsutra

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After Romeo and Juliet, the sunflower’s love for the sun is the most famous love story every couple should hear too. There is an ancient legend narrating to us the reason why sunflowers always face the sun. We will not discuss that story here, but with this example, couples can express their love for each other. With this Sonam diamond Mangalsutra, the husband can picture himself as the sunflower and his wife as the sun because the husbands always follow the love of their life.

The beautiful diamond-studded sunflower centers the eternity circle peacefully, which hangs to the 18k gold chain, giving it an impulsive, serene and luxurious look.  

7. Seema Diamond Mangalsutra

Flowers are the first thing that husbands think of when it comes to surprising their wives. The traditional Seema diamond Mangalsutra is embodied with one such delicate diamond-studded halo flower that accentuates the 18k dainty gold chain. 

The Mangalsutra beads highlight the delicacy of the golden chain and nature’s beauty. This diamond Managalsutra perfectly elevates the 18k diamond traditional Mangalsutra with its significant meaning and cultural tradition. 

8. Sanaya Diamond Mangalsutra

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If you are looking for the most minimalist diamond Mangalsutra design for your wife, Sanaya Diamond Mangalsutra is the one you should place on the top of your choice list. 

The diamond Mangalsutra is embedded with 2 finely shaped diamonds, showing the perfect balance a wife maintains between her work life, family and herself.

The 18k gold chain is embellished with black beads to enhance the Mangalsutra’s auspiciousness, blended with Indian traditions and the wife’s modernity. This Mangalsutra is the perfect timeless beauty respecting the wife and her efforts.

9. Rekha Diamond Mangalsutra

Click and Shop Rekha Diamond Mangalsutra

Click and Shop Rekha Diamond Mangalsutra

Even after so many efforts, a couple’s life is messed up at some point. The wife has the ability to make this mess look mesmerizing by adding a diamond-like shine to everyone’s life. The Mangalsutra beads emphasize the diamond Mangalsutra’s beauty and balance of ancient cultural importance.

10. Rakhi Diamond Mangalsutra

Rakhi Morden Diamond Mangalsutra

A delicate diamond holds onto the 18k gold chain serenely. This Rakhi Diamon Mangalsutra portrays the wives as the most beautiful blooming flower in the entire garden. The diamond and Mangalsutra black beads intensify the tranquility of the diamond Mangalsutra.

11. Rahi Diamond Mangalsutra

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Rahi diamond Mangalsutra has two definitions when paid careful attention. First, the golden pendant looks like several leaves aligned with each other. Second, the golden pendant looks like an outline of a butterfly. The unique pendant positions delicately on the 18k gold chain, symbolizing immortal love and romance. Celebrate your love and romance every day with the Rahi Diamond Mangalsutra.

12. Priyanka Diamond Mangalsutra

Shop Priyanka Diamond Mangalsutra

Shop Priyanka Diamond Mangalsutra

Priyanka Diamond Mangalsutra's design is inspired by a chandelier pendant that drips luxury and natural beauty with every diamond droplet in the diamond Mangalsutra. The black beads give the diamond Mangalsutra its needed traditional essence, where the diamond delivers modernity for your wife’s everyday wear.

13. Nirja Diamond Mangalsutra

Purchase Nirja Diamond Mangalsutra

Purchase Nirja Diamond Mangalsutra

Unleash your love and respect for your wife with this symbol of love, Nirja Diamond Mangalsutra. The diamond Mangalsutra is designed so intensely that it unlocks the couple’s commitment and love for each other. The fortunate Mangalsutra black pearls of the 18k gold chain unlock the traditional and cultural doors of the Mangalsutra.

14. Anaya Diamond Mangalsutra

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The phases of the moon denote the changing phases of marriage life too, but the passage of time always makes it easy to survive every movement. By presenting your wife Anaya diamond Mangalsutra, you can, no matter how many phases your life must encounter, your life for her will never fade away. The Mangalsutra pearls on the 18k gold chain never let the auspiciousness of the Mangalsutra fade away.

Ending Note

Facet Of Love is the most popular and trustworthy diamond Mangalsutra jewelry brand in the USA. All the Mangalsutra pieces that you will come across in the jewelry store are completely customizable. They can be worn as a necklace Mangalsutra as well as a necklace too. You are privileged to select any color of the Mangalsutra jewelry, from white or yellow gold. 

Facet Of Love has a huge collection of traditional Mangalsutra, modern Mangalsutra and diamond Mangalsutra designs for women at their store. 


(1) What are diamond mangalsutra designs?

Answer: Diamond mangalsutra designs are variations of the traditional mangalsutra that incorporate diamonds or diamond-studded elements. These designs add a touch of elegance and glamour to the traditional piece.

(2) What types of diamond mangalsutra designs are available?

Answer: There are various types of diamond mangalsutra designs available to suit different tastes and preferences. Some common designs include single diamond pendants, diamond-studded black beads, diamond clusters, floral motifs with diamonds, and intricate diamond patterns.

(3) Can I customize a diamond mangalsutra design?

Answer: Yes, Facet of Love offer customization options for diamond mangalsutras. You can work with a jeweler to create a design that suits your preferences, incorporating specific diamond shapes, sizes, and patterns.

(4) Can diamond mangalsutras be worn for special occasions?

Answer: Absolutely! Diamond mangalsutras can be worn for special occasions such as weddings, festivals, parties, or any other event where you want to add a touch of elegance to your attire.

(5) Where can I buy diamond mangalsutras?

Answer: Diamond mangalsutras can be purchased from Facet of Love. It is advisable to visit a reputed jeweler who specializes in traditional Indian jewelry.