According to many, wives are spoiled by pricey scents, imported chocolates, branded clothes, and many other things which are gifted to them by their husbands. Well, this is not totally wrong; as per the latest conducted survey, researchers concluded that over 60% of women prefer to receive jewelry pieces as a gift to them by their better halves.

So as a husband, if you are thinking of gifting your wife with amazing jewelry pieces, then you are thinking right because every woman dreams of owning some magnificent jewelry pieces, and jewelry gifting can deliver the most positive response you ever might receive in your entire lifetime.

No matter if you are gifting a ring as a gift or a round necklace or a pretty bracelet, the love and affection poured into the mold of the gift will always make the wife fall in love with you.

Why Do Women Prefer Jewelry Gifts More?

Since the time of its invention, jewelry has been living rent-free somewhere in a soft corner of every woman’s heart, and since then, owning some beautiful, rare and timeless pieces of jewelry has been a dream of every woman. However, in this busy life schedule where she has to save money for miscellaneous expenses or is being caught up with some other work, your wife might forget to buy something for herself too. 

By gifting beautiful diamond jewelry pieces or diamond Mangalsuta jewelry, you can surely celebrate every day, whether there is any special occasion or not. Diamond jewelry with the finest jewels, excellent design, and the most amazing quality can be one of the best gifts she will ever receive in her lifetime.

Buying jewelry pieces made of real diamonds can be very costly, but what if we tell you that you can receive a real diamond and gold jewelry at an affordable price in the USA? Facet Of Love is a leading diamond Mangalsutra store in New York. Every piece of jewelry is crafted by skilled jewelry designers. The finest quality natural diamonds and 18k of pure gold are used in making these Mangalsutras jewlery. At Facet Of Love, you will find white gold Mangalsutras and yellow gold Mangalsutras.

Types of Jewelry You Can Gift Your Wife

There is no special occasion on which a piece of jewelry needs to be gifted. Women can never go wrong in flaunting their shine from anniversaries to work achievements. Traditional diamond Mangalsutras are not loved by everyone nowadays. Thus, Facet Of Love has come up with an alternative to necklace Mangalsutras that consist of very few Mangalsutra black beads. This means you do not have to pay your fortune from getting sold for a piece of diamond jewelry. 

Besides this, women also love to prefer other types of jewelry that they would love to have.

  • Gold Mangalsutra Jewelry for Anniversary

  • Anniversaries describe the most important milestone of a married couple’s life. Each of the partners is filled with joy and in a mood of celebration. With that gifting, a necklace Mangalsutra can portray the significance of your wife in your life and how you care for each other despite so many ups and downs. Along with that, Mangalsutras are said to be the symbol of a woman’s marital status, which is why Mangalsutra makes the best jewelry gift for your wife.

    Just like the diamonds, the glittery gold also captivates every woman’s attention to herself. Every color variant of gold, i.e., white gold, yellow gold, proves to be a stunning anniversary gift. In recent times, the trend of white gold Mangalsutra has been increasing a lot because they make a nice alternative to platinum jewelry. 

  • Pearl Necklace for Birthdays

  • Birthdays are meant to be celebrated as you live one more year happily. It is the occasion when you reach your age milestone. Every husband wants to gift his wife something unique just like her, and in that case, nothing can beat the uniqueness of pearl jewelry. Pearls are like delicate darlings of every woman. Pearls create a unique look for every event, whether it is a work event or a family function. 

    Birthstone jewelry pieces have also become a trend nowadays, one unique stone for a particular birth month. So if you want to be with the trend, then gifting birthstones can also be a unique gift for your wife. 

  • Golden Bracelets for Work Achievements

  • In this modern world, you will find almost every second or third woman as a working woman. Women are becoming empowered day by day, and most of the large firms are owned by women. With so many women becoming empowered today and achieving amazing career heights, not only the parents of these empowered women but the husbands are also feeling proud of them.

    Getting promoted at work after giving the best work is what we all aim for, and women who handle their household, as well as the office work, should be saluted. Celebrating their career achievements will not harm any of us; instead, your wife will be encouraged to work more efficiently for both the family and the workplace.

    Select Your Gift

    Husbands admit it or not, but wives are the most important of their life, and without their wives, they are incomplete. So why not give them some special gifts that enhance your bond forever?

    Gifting ideas for these jewelry pieces can be concluded as a great start for strengthening the bond. But before making the final decision to purchase it, consider your wife’s personality, taste, and preferences for personal style, whether your wife likes simple jewelry pieces or heavy jewelry pieces.

    Of all the jewelry mentioned earlier pieces, Mangalsutra is the best one as that is the only piece of jewelry that, as a husband, can be gifted by you only. Visit our Facet Of Love online store and choose the best one from a variety of Mangalsutra collections.



    (1) What are some popular jewelry gift options for wife?

    Answer: Popular jewelry gift options for wives include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and watches. You can choose from a wide range of designs, materials, and gemstones based on your wife's personal style and preferences.

    (2) How do I determine my wife's jewelry preferences?

    Answer: Pay attention to the jewelry she currently wears. Take note of the styles, colors, and materials she tends to gravitate towards. You can also ask her friends or family members for suggestions or observe her reaction when she sees jewelry in stores or magazines.

    (3) Should I consider my wife's lifestyle when choosing a jewelry gift?

    Answer: Yes, it's important to consider your wife's lifestyle. If she leads an active lifestyle or has a physically demanding job, you may want to choose jewelry that is durable and practical for everyday wear. If she prefers more formal occasions, you can select elegant and statement pieces.

    (4) Should I consider personalized jewelry as a gift for my wife?

    Answer: Personalized jewelry can be a thoughtful and meaningful gift for your wife. You can consider engraving her initials, name, or a special message on a piece of jewelry. Birthstone jewelry that represents the birth month of your wife, children, or significant milestones can also be a great option.

    (5) What if my wife doesn't like the jewelry gift I choose?

    Answer: If your wife doesn't like the jewelry gift you choose, it's important to handle the situation with understanding and open communication. Offer the option to exchange the gift for something she prefers or consider accompanying her to the store to select something she loves. Ultimately, the goal is to make her happy and feel appreciated.