‘If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it’

All the chasing for that perfect ring and once you find it, it’s all worth it. After all, it will forever shine on that hand you held for life. So, be it a romantic beach wedding, an extravaganza of sorts or an intimate affair, the longing to flaunt the best engagement ring lives on. Obviously, your engagement ring has to speak to you instantly. It needs to be aligned with your personality. It has to be Love at first sight. It has to be a ‘forever’. 

With a myriad of options to choose from - this task is no cakewalk. Whether you’re a fan of trend-driven styles or a patron of the traditional diamond cut, there is no ‘perfect’ ring to buy. There’s only that one ring that’s ‘perfect’ for you. 

We bring to you our favourite - TOP 3 engagement rings of 2022 that’ll sparkle your heart 

  • The Classic 
  • Celebrate your love the classic way. Styles that have not only stood the test of time but also have made an everlasting impact - these classics can win you over in no time. Remember, when Mariah Carey flaunted her 35 carat emerald cut, what a sight to behold it became! 

  • The Modern
  • Reinterpreting existing traditional designs in modern ways to suit the palette of modern days. Flaunt these beautiful contemporary designs on your best day and everyday thereafter. 

    Remember Megan Fox’s two-stone emerald and diamond ring - quite reminiscent of the jewellery lore where Napoleon, reportedly, gave Josephine a ring with two pear shaped stones - a sapphire and a diamond to symbolise their two hearts. 

    On another occasion, Ariana Grande’s unconventional pearl and diamond bauble made quite a style statement.

  • The Vintage
  • Nothing looks more appealing than vintage. 

    Pippa Middleton struck a stunning pose in a large asscher cut diamond. Asscher cut diamonds were one of the most popular styles in the 1920s.


    (1) What is an engagement ring?

    Answer: An engagement ring is a ring traditionally given by one partner to another at the time of their marriage proposal. It symbolizes the intention to marry and is typically worn by the person who has accepted the proposal.

    (2) What is the significance of an engagement ring?

    Answer: An engagement ring symbolizes love, commitment, and the intention to marry. It serves as a visible reminder of the bond between two people who have decided to spend their lives together. It is also a way to publicly announce the couple's engagement and impending marriage.

    (3) What is the typical design of an engagement ring?

    Answer: The design of an engagement ring can vary greatly depending on personal preference and cultural traditions. However, the most common style features a diamond or gemstone set on a precious metal band, such as gold or platinum. The diamond is often the centerpiece, representing the enduring nature of love, but other gemstones or personalized elements can also be incorporated.

    (4) How should I care for an engagement ring?

    Answer: To keep an engagement ring in good condition, it's important to follow proper care instructions. Avoid wearing the ring during activities that could potentially damage it, such as rigorous sports or household chores. Clean the ring regularly using mild soap, warm water, and a soft brush, or use a jewelry cleaner recommended by the jeweler.

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