Introductory Tale 

The significance of a Mangalsutra for a bride can never be explained, Mangalsutra is not just an ornament but an emotion for the bride. In Indian weddings, Mangalsutra is the most important wedding ornament. The Mangalsutra is made from two different words “Mangal” and “sutra”, where “Mangal” means very blessed or auspicious and “Sutra” means a thread. Mangalsutra is a symbol through which we can conclude that the woman is married. 

Nowadays as times are changing, as every thing is getting modernised, the tradition of wearing Mangalsutra is becoming a fashion trend. Though the significance of Mangalsutra has not changed at all, but it has become more of a piece of jewellery. The traditional Mangalsutra design consists of black beads, the designers nowadays have made so many unique and personalised Mangalsutra designs by experimenting with the designs.

Honestly, we should be happy seeing these changes in trends and traditions because it has not changed the believes behind the traditions, new trends has just made the traditions more fun loving. Following the changes in trends, the designs of Mangalsutra have also changed in recent times. From past two years, Bollywood marriages getting way much popular because of their Mangalsutra designs and breaking of old stereotypes. We have all seen famous actresses Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif and many more actresses going minimalistic with their Mangalsutra designs.

If you are planning to get married in short period of time then here in this article, we have tried out best to bring you the latest Mangalustra designs:

  • Pearl and Diamond Mangalsutra Design
  • Pearl and Diamond Mangalsutra Design

    Some like elegant pearls, some like shinny diamonds, but what about the ones who like both pearls and diamonds?

    Holdon to your breath ladies, this mangaslutra design can make your heart skip a bit with its beautiful yet soft design. This pearl and diamond Mangalsutra designs are best for the ones who love both pearl and diamonds.

  • Key to the heart Mangalsutra Design

  • Key to the heart Mangalsutra Design

    Husbands are very prone to forgetting important days or any small details, while on the other hand wives are always the champions in remembering every single details. At this point every wife is annoyed by her husband and if they still don’t figure the problem, the husbands are locked away. This Mangalsutra design will always be the key to your wives heart

  • Circle with a Diamond in between Mangalsutra Design
  • Circle with a Diamond in between Mangalsutra Design

    Mangalsutra has its own significance but the meaning of the designs. This Mangalsutra design conveys the message that “You are the diamond of my life, and I will always be around you and protect you from every problems.” 

    This elegant design can be worn with traditional wear as well as western wear.

  • Love Padlock Mangalsutra Design

    Love Padlock Mangalsutra Design

    A symbol of unbreakable bond. A promise of staying together forever. 

    This padlock Mangalsutra design can be said as the best birthday gift or a wedding gift to your wife.

  • Butterfly Mangalsutra Design


    Butterfly Mangalsutra Design

    Mangalsutra design that reflects the promise by the groom to his bride, a promise to let her be as free as a bird, a promise to give her a beautiful life.

  • Moon Mangalsutra Design
  • Moon Mangalsutra Design

    The moon is the symbol of female empowerment, inspiration and magic dreams. This Mangalsutra design represents that the wife has the power over everything, which is an inspiration for the husband to make their life magical.

  • Infinity Mangalsutra Design

    Infinity Mangalsutra Design

    Infinity means something which is endless, a symbol of endless romance, hope and joy. This Diamond Infinity Mangalsutra design is the best to symbolise the never ending love between husband and wife.

    The prosperous Mangalsutra beads on the double-layered chain enrich the meaning of infinity symbol with the importance of culture and traditions as well.

  • Diamond Wreath Mangalsutra Design

    Diamond Wreath Mangalsutra Design 

    We all know that the Indian wedding is incomplete without the 7 promises which the couple makes to each other. The 7 promises represents of being together for 7 births and rebirths. 

    This diamond wreath mangalsutra design indicates the same, of being together forever and this love will last for eternals.

  • Two intermingled circle Mangalsutra
  • Two intermingled circle Mangalsutra

    I am sure, you will not be able to take your eyes away from this stunning Mangalsutra. The two eternity circles intermingled with each other represents the long-lasting promise and commitment of the couple’s unbreakable bond.

    The diamonds add the sparkle and the Mangalsutra black beads add the essence of tradition and culture to this beautiful delicate design.

  • Diamond Sun Mangalsutra Design

  • Diamond Sun Mangalsutra Design

    The sun is the symbol of new beginnings, growth and change. This Mangalsutra design is the perfect match for your beloved one, as your relationship will face new beginnings after your marriage.

    The modern yet sophisticated design is a representation that your beloved is as special and graceful just like the sun. The Mangalsutra black beads add the significance of tradition and culture to this stunning design.

    Other Mangalsutra Designs

    What if I tell that now the Mangalsutra can be worn on hands also. Surprised? I know you are surprised and will be like “how is that even possible?” Well we live in 21st century, and in this amazing century everything is possible. 

    Well actually, wearing a Mangalsutra bracelet is an old trend but it was lost long ago, until in these present days, the designers made various Mangaslutra bracelet designs and made it a trending mangalsutra bracelets. The Mangalsutra bracelets give the exact same elegant and simple look to your wrists and ultimately you.

    Closing Tale

    As we discussed in our article’s introductory tale, nowadays, a Mangalsutra has become a fashion trend, but with the fashion trend ladies have not forgotten the significance that a Mangalsutra holds, it is not just a jewellery piece to show your marital status, but it is a symbol of both husban’s and wife’s love and commitment to each other.

    For these reasons only, married women at present are choosing Mangalsutra designs which are suitable for both traditional wear and western wear. These kind of elegant and simple designs are perfect for the working women.

    I guess, this much designs are enough to get you all set with the fashion trends of Mangalsutra.

    So what is taking you so long to buy yourself such beautiful Mangaslutras?


    (1) What is Facet of Love?

    Answer: Facet Of Love is a popular Mangalsutra jewelry brand in New York, USA. Every Mangaslutra at Facet of Love is designed and crafted by highly talented jewelry artists with decades of experience in jewelry making and the jewelry industry.

    (2) What are the three knots of mangalsutra?

    Answer: The first knot symbolizes the union and commitment of the couple, the second the union and commitment of the two families, and the third an assurance from the groom's family to ensure the bride's well-being.

    (3) What is the ideal length of mangalsutra?

    Answer: Ideal chain length should be at least 24-30 inches long.

    (4) How long do you have to wear mangalsutra?

    Answer: According to Hindu tradition, the mangalsutra is worn for the long life of the husband. As told by religious customs and social expectations, married women should wear mangalsutra throughout their life as it is believed that the practice enhances the well-being of her husband.

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