Indian religion is famous for its rituals, customs and so many different traditions. Of all these different traditions, the traditional gold Mangalsutra - the most noteworthy and powerful piece of female jewelry, is also a part of these Indian traditions.

As we've mentioned, the mangalsutra is a crucial component of married women in India, while the ring is a significant component of the American as well as other western countries' marriage traditions. 

Mangalsutra, a Sanskrit word for auspiciousness, is a yellow thread meant to connect the couple’s souls with each other for the rest of their lives with seven priceless promises made to each other, in the presence of God himself and other family members.

After the marriage, the wife is expected to wear the Gold Mangalsutra for the rest of her life as a sign of the marriage's symbolism and to express her love and devotion to her spouse.

Changes in traditional Gold Mangalsutra Designs Through Time

In ancient Indian tradition, the traditional gold Mangalsutra is highly admired. But this is not the case for Married Indian ladies of the 21st century. For them, the Mangalsutra has become more than just a piece of jewelry and a symbol of affection and devotion for each other, the gold Mangalsutra has started to become more of a fashion statement.

Though the Mangalsutra has become a fashion statement, it has not lost its true meaning of protecting the couple’s matrimony from negative energy. It is considered to be the wife’s most valuable ornament. 

The supernatural abilities of a mangalsutra are deeply entrenched in the minds of every married Indian Hindu lady. The black beads used in the sacred strands repel the evil eye and negativity.

Traditionally, women wore long gold Mangalsutras, but modern brides chose to wear short ones because they blended well with so many different clothes. A gold mangalsutra has also evolved into a statement piece of jewelry for today's modern millennial brides. As a result, a variety of gold Mangalsutras have been emerging in the market to satisfy our millennial beauties.

The traditional gold Mangalsutra designs have evolved a lot and are now available in different varieties like white gold Mangalsutra and yellow gold Mangalsutra. From which the white gold Mangalsutra has been becoming more and more popular as it plays the perfect substitute for a platinum jewelry piece. 

Along with this, the popularity of yellow gold Mangalsutra was not at all deteriorated. In fact, new gold Mangalsutra designs emerged with a few modifications, like gold diamond Mangalsutras, which consist of diamond-studded gold Mangalsutra pendants.

Varieties of Gold and Diamond Mangalsutras to Flaunt this Upcoming Wedding Season

Wedding season is approaching, and you are completely booked with so many wedding functions to attend. Outfits are ready for each special occasion; accessories are ready; footwear is ready; only the perfect Mangalsutra is yet to be decided. 

To ease your work, we have a list of some incredible gold and diamond Mangalsutra designs that you will not be able to resist buying them.

  • Zoya Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Zoya Diamond Mangalsutra

    Ranking at the top of our list, we have Zoya Diamond Mangalsutra, which consists of two-eternity circles intertwined with each other. 

    One eternity circle is engraved with real diamonds, and the other is pure 18k gold. The mingling of these two circles represents the connection of two beautiful and independent souls.

    At Facet of Love, this beautiful pure 18k Zoya Diamond Mangalsutra is not just available in yellow gold. You can customize this Mangalsutra and can own this piece of beauty as a white gold Mangalsutra or yellow gold Mangalsutra. More in the customization, you can select the number of black Mangalsutra beads that you need to have in your jewelry piece, and as a bonus point, the length of Mangalsutra is adjustable.

    Weddings are meant as a fresh beginning of new relations and connections, whether it is your wedding or someone else; Zoya Diamond Mangalsutra can be the best choice if you want to go for something infused with deep cultural and emotional feelings.

  • Tanisha Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Tanisha Diamond Mangalsutra

    Next in the line, we have the Tanisha Diamond Mangalsutra, which consists of a mandala flower diamond-studded gold pendant. 

    Mandala art has flourished for a few years, and diamonds are forever dear to every woman’s heart. Hence, the jewelry designers at Facet of Love amalgamated the two states of art together into one and gave birth to this mesmerizing piece of art.

    If we go a little bit deep into its meaning, Mandala flowers are considered the symbols of balance, love, perfection, eternity, development, empathy and hope. And similarly, if we go deep into marriages, we can conclude that marriage is also all about the love between the couple, the balance of their thoughts and feelings, the hope of loving each other forever, being imperfectly perfect for each other, developing the feelings for one another and understanding each other at every point of the life.

    Mandala flower gold pendant Mangalsutra designs fit perfectly in the Tanisha Diamond Mangalsutra and describe a marriage perfectly.

  • Lekha Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Lekha Diamond Mangalsutra

    Following the two amazing diamond-studded gold Mangalsutras in the third position, we have Lekha Diamond Mangalsutra, whose small four-leaf clover diamond Mangalsutra pendant makes it easy to blend with other wedding or occasional accessories. 

    Weddings are a step towards good luck, as is the four-leaf clover leaf. Originally a clover leaf only had a set of three leaves on it, and the chances of encountering a four-leaf clover leaf are considered to be very lucky as the probability of witnessing one is 1 in 10000. Four-leaf clover leaves are directly connected to good luck and fortune.

  • Mila Diamond Mangalsutra
  • Mila Diamond Mangalsutra

    At last on our list, we have Mila Diamond Mangalsutra, which consists of a minimal three-diamond design. The tiny little solitaires are so perfectly placed into the pendant that the look of the gold Mangalsutra has elevated like no other.

    If you like to stay minimal at weddings, the Mila Diamond Mangalsutra must be included in your shopping list.

    The three solitaires in this Mangalsutra design perfectly balance a couple’s friendship, love and affection toward each other.

    Ending Note

    If you want to explore, more gold and diamond Mangalsutra ranges, visit our Facet of Love store, where you will find the best gold Mangalsutra designs you have ever seen. 

    Facet of Love provides its customer with three different Mangalsutra color options white gold & yellow gold, so you can choose any color you want. Each piece of Mangalsutra is customizable so that you can make the Mangalsutra more personal and dear to your heart.


    (1) What is a mangalsutra?

    Answer: Mangalsutra is a sacred necklace or pendant traditionally worn by married Hindu women as a symbol of their marital status.

    (2) What is the significance of a mangalsutra?

    Answer: The mangalsutra holds great cultural and religious significance in Hindu weddings. It is believed to be a symbol of the marital bond and the long-lasting commitment between husband and wife.

    (3) What are the popular gold mangalsutra varieties?

    Answer: Some popular gold mangalsutra varieties include the traditional black-beaded mangalsutra with a gold pendant, temple-inspired designs, antique finish mangalsutras, and contemporary designs with intricate patterns.

    (4) Can I customize my mangalsutra design?

    Answer: Yes, Facet of Love offers customization options. You can work with us and create a unique mangalsutra design that suits your preferences and requirements.

    (5) How do I care for my gold and diamond mangalsutra?

    Answer: To care for your gold and diamond mangalsutra, keep it away from harsh chemicals, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, and store it in a separate jewelry box or pouch to prevent scratches. Regularly clean it with a mild jewelry cleaner and a soft cloth to maintain its shine.