Change is the only constant! And with changing times, changes way of life. Women are fast manoeuvring to compete and exceed, juggling responsibilities and managing relationships. 

And hello love - they’d tower above all expectations. But keeping with lifestyle, there’s a shift in taste and preference when it comes to picking the wedding jewelry specially the mangalsutra - the sign of the beloved! Different women different personalities and different are their choices.. 

Here’s telling you which mangalsutra will go with your personality!

The Trendsetter

Unstimulating and dull can never have your attention; unique floats your boat. You light up any room with your brilliance. So when it’s time to flaunt your thread of love, you’d handpick a statement piece (Of course). Facet of Love unveils the cluster of diamonds arranged to bloom into a gorgeous mangalsutra only for the trendsetter you! 


The Dynamo 

Always on the run to outshine, you’re someone who toils to no end. Strenuously shifting gears, you’d seldom halt. Morning meetings to client luncheon and dinner with bae, you like to wear jewelry that makes an effortless shift. Here’s for our Dynamo the dynamic mangalsutra. Delicately intertwined rings will elegantly stand out without overpowering your outfits. 


The Dreamer 

You smell romance in everything. A few of your favourite things to do are sitting by the brook reading a book and walking by the beach under the canopy of stars. Well, nothing short of exquisite will excite you while picking your symbol of love. Look at this splendid floral arrangement mangalsutra handcrafted for the dreamer in you! 


The Classic connoisseur

A patrón of timeless classics! Progressive are your ways but when it comes to aesthetics, you’re the lover of classics! Bringing from the plethora of designs is this stunning mangalsutra specially for you - the keeper of time-honoured elegance!


(1) What is the meaning of wearing mangalsutra?

Answer: It symbolises that they will be mates for life until death separates them.

(2) Why is mangalsutra thread yellow?

Answer: Helps remove negative effects of particular Planets Grahas. Best thread to be used for Pooja and Religious Purpose Evil Eye Protection for Babies /Yellow Dhaga Najar Surksha The Kalawa Mauli Raksha Sutra represents the bond between Atma (soul) and Parmatma (God).

(3) How much gold required for mangalsutra?

Answer: The amount of gold required for a Mangalsutra varies depending on the design, weight, and length.

(4) What are two circles in mangalsutra?

Answer: The two strings of the mangalsutra represent the union of Shiva and Shakti.

(5) Why should you buy Mangalsutra online from Facet of Love?


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