The wedding season is approaching in a short time; the venue is decided, the caterers are decided, and most of the wedding shopping has been done, including clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. But one thing that is yet to be purchased is the Mangalsutra. 

In Indian cultures, the Mangalsutra is not supposed to be purchased by the bride’s family. It is the groom’s family who purchases the timeless traditional Mangalsutra. While buying the Mangalsutra, the bride consultation is not taken in many cases. There are only a few families that consider the bride’s choice while shopping for the Mangalsutra.

Mangalsutra is that auspicious ornament tied by the husband around his wife’s neck during wedding rituals. That gold Mangalsutra will stay with you forever as it is the symbol of your marital status. Those times are long gone when Mangalsutras used to come in long and thick golden chain designs. In recent times, millennial beauties are free to choose their desired wedding ornament like yellow gold Mangalsutra and white gold Mangalsutra. 

Most modern-day brides are working empowered women who need to visit many places regarding their work. If your wife is a journalist, she has to travel to places to cover the latest news. If your wife is a doctor, she has to meet new faces every day, and so on. 

In this situation, the long traditional gold Mangalsutra design will not go with all her outfits. So, Facet of Love came to the rescue with some beautiful traditional Mangalsutra designs, modern Mangalsutra designs and diamond Mangalsutra designs.

At Facet of Love, you will find the most stunning timeless pieces of Mangalsutras suitable for every occasion, women of every age, and every outfit. Here you can pick your diamond Mangalsutra design of any color, whether it is a white gold Mangalsutra or even traditional gold Mangalsutra.

In this article, we will be taking you on the journey of mesmerizing gold Mangalsutra designs:

1. Mihika Diamond Mangalsutra
Colors available: Yellow & White Gold
Price: $1660.00

The cushion-cut solitaire has won over the hearts of almost every existing woman. The halo sparkling diamond sits perfectly on this amazing double-layered 18k gold Mangalsutra. 

The dainty gold chain is decorated with auspicious Mangalsutra black beads. Presenting this Mihika Diamond Mangalsutra as an anniversary or wedding gift is the best choice. Celebrate your love with a fascinating combination of luxury and tradition in one ornament.

No surprise jewelry gift can fail when the jewelry itself has a cushion-cut diamond in it.

2. Priyali Diamond Mangalsutra
Colors available: Yellow & White Gold
Price: $1140.00

For a bride, her father is her life’s first before marriage, and her husband is the second star of her life after marriage. So why not wear a star in the name of the star of your life?

In Priyali Diamond Mangalsutra, a diamond-studded star pendant sits in the center of this custom 18k gold Mangalsutra, which makes your wife glow from all angles when worn. 

An additional round brilliant cut diamond is placed on the delicate chain to provide a modern detailed, and complemented look by traditional auspicious Mangalsutra beads that offer a full-style experience.

3. Ashna Diamond Mangalsutra
Colors available: Yellow & White Gold
Price: $1335.00

Never miss a chance to remind the love of your life that you love them to the infinity with Ashna Diamond Mangalsutra.

This 18k gold Mangalsutra represents the never-ending romance, longing, and happiness in the couple’s life with this diamond infinity symbol pendant. The double-layer chained gold Mangalsutra delicacy is enhanced with the Mangalsutra black beads. The black beads represent our rich Indian tradition and your husband’s everlasting love just for you.

4. Nidhi Diamond Mangalsutra


Nidhi Diamond Mangalsutra
Colors available: Yellow & White Gold
Price: $1000.00

Leaves have always been a symbol of hope, and a Mangalsutra is tied in the hope that this auspicious thread will protect the couple’s relationship and the family.

This enchanting 18k gold Mangalsutra design has a sparkling diamond-studded fern leaf pendant centered peacefully on the delicate gold chain. The finely placed auspicious Mangalsutra beads add another meaning to Indian cultural tradition.

5. Suhasini Diamond Mangalsutra

Colors available: Yellow & White Gold
Price: $1900.00

If we take a careful look at this traditional Mangalsutra design of gold, we can consider the small diamond as the wife and the large diamond as the husband. The wife has so beautifully and peacefully held onto the family and her husband.

This 18k gold Mangalsutra features a stunning double teardrop pendant embedded with sparkling round brilliant cut diamonds. The vintage-inspired design of this gold Mangalsutra is highly infused with the couple's romance and elegance, making it unique and captivating. As usual, the auspicious Mangalsutra black beads never fail to add an important touch of meaning and ancient tradition.

6. Vihaa Diamond Mangalsutra

Colors available: Yellow & White Gold
Price: $1090.00

The two entwined twigs represent the entwined paths of both the husband and the wife. Before marriage, they were two paths that are now entwined with each other after marriage.

The look of this gorgeous 18k gold necklace is enhanced to its fullest by the two entwined tubular twigs sitting at the center of the gold Mangalsutra. The entwined tubular twigs deliver a thoughtful, romantic and elegant look to the Mangalsutra design. The elegance is enhanced more by the auspicious Mangalsutra beads placed on the dainty golden chain, making it the priceless symbol of unbreakable love.

7. Rhea Diamond Mangalsutra

Colors available: Yellow & White Gold
Price: $1315.00

Solitaires always hold a special place in every woman’s heart; nothing can beat a woman’s love for diamonds.

Gipping your wife this 18k double layering gold Mangalsutra will add a lavish look to her beauty. The auspicious Mangalsutra black beads symbolize an unbreakable bond between the betrothed and cherished tradition.

8. Uma Diamond Mangalsutra

Uma Diamond Mangalsutra
Uma Diamond Mangalsutra
Colors available: Yellow & White Gold
Price: $1510.00

This 18k gold Mangalsutra is encapsulated with an oval pendant with an openwork filigree checkerboard design that twinkles with round brilliant cut diamonds. The additional golden frame around the diamond lights up the delicate chain by giving it the traditional touch.

9. Anita Diamond Mangalsutra

Anita Diamond MangalsutraAnita Diamond Mangalsutra
Colors available: Yellow & White Gold
Price: $1230.00

A vintage curling chandelier has inspired this 18k gold Mangalsutra design. The chandelier design is encrusted with finely shaped diamonds. The Mangalsutra beads create a detailed and unique pendant pattern. Husbands should not ignore this custom piece if you want to elevate your wife’s wardrobe with some stunning jewelry pieces. It is made to enhance your wife’s everyday look.

10. Kiran Diamond Mangalsutra

Kiran Diamond Mangalsutra
Kiran Diamond Mangalsutra
Colors available: Yellow & White Gold
Price: $1290.00

For some, this Mangalsutra design has flower pendants; for some, it has star pendants. But it is totally up to the wearer which design to consider. The design is perfectly paved with dazzling diamonds.

The auspicious beads add a nostalgic note of ancient tradition, culture, and meaning. This gold Mangalsutra is customizable, and you can elevate your jewelry collection with this beautiful 18k gold Mangalsutra.

11. Yesha Diamond Mangalsutra

Yesha Diamond Mangalsutra
Yesha Diamond Mangalsutra
Colors available: Yellow & White Gold
Price: $2775.00

Fern leaf is always associated with portraying the eternal youthfulness in the couple’s relationship. The fern leaf is bejeweled with shiny round diamonds that deliver a glamorous effect of the detailed design. This 18k gold Mangalsutra promises eternal youthfulness in the couple’s beautiful marriage. The Mangalsutra beads, once again, never fail to add the importance of Indian tradition and culture.

12. Meher Diamond Mangaslutra

Meher Diamond MangaslutraMeher Diamond Mangaslutra

Colors available: Yellow & White Gold
Price: $1615.00

This medallion pendant has a filigree floral design that sparkles with round brilliant cut diamonds. This 18k yellow gold Mangalsutra is taken to a new level of easy elegance by a diamond-studded halo eternity circle on a delicate chain, auspicious mangalsutra beads alternate with round brilliant cut diamonds that are bezel set, creating a unique look that combines traditional and modern features.


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(1) What is a Mangalsutra?

Answer: Mangalsutra is a traditional necklace worn by married women in India. It is a symbol of marital status and is considered auspicious and sacred.

(2) What is the significance of a Mangalsutra?

Answer: The Mangalsutra holds great significance in Hindu culture. It symbolizes the marital bond between a husband and wife. It is believed to protect the marriage and bring good fortune to the couple.

(3) What are the different types of Mangalsutra designs in gold?

Answer: There are various designs of Mangalsutras available in gold. Some popular designs include:

  1. Traditional Long Chain: A long gold chain with black beads and a pendant.
  2. Short Chain: A shorter chain with a simple gold pendant.
  3. Diamond-studded Mangalsutra: A gold chain with diamonds embedded in the pendant.
  4. Contemporary Mangalsutra: Modern designs that incorporate different patterns and motifs while still retaining the essence of a Mangalsutra.

(4) What are the factors to consider when choosing a Mangalsutra design in gold?

Answer: When choosing a Mangalsutra design in gold, you may consider the following factors:

  1. Personal Style: Choose a design that aligns with your personal preferences and complements your overall style.
  2. Comfort: Ensure that the chain length and weight of the Mangalsutra are comfortable for everyday wear.
  3. Budget: Set a budget and look for designs within that range.
  4. Quality: Check the purity of the gold and ensure it comes with proper certification.
  5. Cultural Relevance: Consider designs that reflect your cultural heritage and traditions.

(5) Can I customize a Mangalsutra design in gold?

Answer: Yes, many jewelers offer customization services for Mangalsutras. You can work with a jeweler to create a design that suits your preferences and requirements. Customization may involve selecting the chain length, pendant design, gemstones, or adding personal touches.