Mangalsutra does not need any introduction, but we can never resist ourselves praising this auspicious Indian jewelry that is such a piece of valuable jewelry for an Indian married woman. Mangalsutra is a piece of jewelry that will never go out of style. Instead, new Mangalsutra designs will make their way into our lives and our hearts.

The history of Mangalsutra dates back to the Vedic period. The tradition of tying the Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck still holds the same importance in every Indian wedding. The most traditional Mangalsutras were made from yellow threads that were covered with turmeric and saffron paste, and the Mangalsutra pendants had an engraving of the groom’s respective family deities.

As time flew by, traditional Mangalsutras, which had yellow threads, were now made with gold chains and gold pendants that had family deities engraved and now had different diamond-studded Mangalsutra pendant designs. These new-day Mangaslutras later got their names like Modern Mangalsutras and Diamond Mangalsutras.

With so many modern Mangalsutra designs being introduced in the market, the popularity of traditional Mangalsutras deteriorated. The reason responsible for this was the difference between heavy and minimal designs. Traditional Mangalsutras had heavy and long gold chains loaded with auspicious Mangalsutra black beads. In contrast, the modern Mangalsutra designs had single, elegant gold chains with limited Mangalsutra black beads. 

The minimal design of the modern Mangalsutra attracted millennial working brides the most. But Facet Of Love has some good news for millennial brides. Because Facet Of Love has launched its Traditional Mangalsutra collection, every piece of Mangalsutra is the perfect blend of the latest Mangalsutra jewelry trend and our Indian tradition. 

Facet Of Love is a popular Mangalsutra jewelry brand in New York, USA. Every Mangaslutra at Facet of Love is designed and crafted by highly talented jewelry artists with decades of experience in jewelry making and the jewelry industry.

So beautiful ladies, hold on to your breaths and fasten your seat belts because we are taking you through Facet of Love’s most magnificent collection of Traditional Mangalsutra designs.

1. Neha Diamond Mangalsutra

Neha is a very popular name in Indian culture. Neha is a Sanskrit word with many meanings, like love, affection, beautiful eyes, rain, or raindrops.

Neha Diamond Mangalsutra

The shape of a raindrop inspires Neha Diamond Mangalsutra's design. A double raindrop pendant glitters with round brilliant cut diamonds, giving this finely crafted 18k gold necklace a striking geometry and smooth lines. 

Diamond-encrusted eternity circles on top lend a thoughtful touch. Auspicious Mangalsutra black beads placed on the front of a glittery gold chain add powerful meaning touched by ancient tradition and encompassed by luxury.

Neha traditional Mangalsutra is perfect for casual and traditional daily wear. Gift this beautiful symbol of love and affection to your wife to enhance the romance in your life once again.

2. Deepika Diamond Mangalsutra

Deepika is a Sanskrit word whose parent word is “Deep,” which means a lantern, a light source. 

Deepika Diamond MangalsutraDeepika Diamond Mangalsutra

Deepika Diamond Mangalsutra is a striking 18k gold necklace showcasing a vintage-influenced curling chandelier pendant studded with round brilliant cut diamonds in a stunning setting. In ancient times, royal residencies had big chandeliers lighting up the hall and other rooms.

This creative pendant sits on a delicate gold chain featuring auspicious Mangalsutra black beads, creating detail and a remarkable design. Elevate your wardrobe with a custom piece inspired by ancient tradition and made for your everyday lifestyle.

Present this beautiful piece of Mangalsutra jewelry to the light of your life, your wife.

3. Arzoo Diamond Mangalsutra

Arzoo means to wish for something we wish for very badly, something we long for. 

Arzoo Diamond Mangalsutra

Arzoo Diamond Mangalsutra is a beautiful diamond-studded star pendant that sits in the center of an eternity circle, giving this whimsical pendant a serene luxury. 

This enchanting medallion pendant sits on an elegant golden chain featuring alternating auspicious Mangalsutra beads and diamonds in bezel frames, blending modernity, a deep meaning, and glamor, all in 18k gold.

Arzoo Diamond Mangalsutra is a perfect piece of Mangalsutra jewelry that a husband can gift his wife to express his feelings about how badly he wishes to be her for the rest of his life.

4. Kripali Diamond Mangalsutra

Kripali means to be merciful, someone who forgives everyone’s mistakes very easily. The word Kripali also represents a person’s kindness to others.

Kripali Diamond Mangalsutra

Kripali Diamond Mangalsutra

Kripali Diamond Mangalsutra is a luxurious 18k gold cultural necklace featuring sparkling round brilliant cut diamonds on a double concentric raindrop halo pendant. Additional round brilliant cut diamonds are placed on the top in a glistering cluster. A shiny gold chain features a station set of auspicious Mangalsutra beads, giving this necklace another level of meaning with a traditional touch.

The relationship between husband and wife sometimes looks like a relationship between a mother and her child, where the husband is the child and the wife is his mother. If the wife forgives most of her husband’s silly mistakes, this traditional Mangalsutra necklace is the best present to thank her for being so merciful and for all the kindness she possesses.

5. Priyanka Diamond Mangalsutra

Priyanka is a combination of two words, “Priya,” which means something very dear to our heart, something we love the most and “ank,” which stands for eyes. The word “Priyanka” has many meanings, like a person who is admirable, lovable and has beautiful eyes.

Priyanka Diamond MangalsutraPriyanka Diamond Mangalsutra

If you take a close and detailed look at Priyanka Diamond Mangalsutra, you might resemble its design with the human eye. Yes, that’s right; our beautiful human eye inspires the design of this traditional Mangalsutra.

Sparkling round brilliant cut diamonds adorn this concentric circle chandelier drop pendant, dripping with luxury and natural beauty in a lavish dangle. A delicate gold chain features auspicious Mangalsutra beads, giving this 18k gold necklace an imaginative coupling of ancient tradition and modern everyday wearability.

Don’t have any doubt about giving this stunning traditional mangalsutra to the apple of your eye.

6. Misha Diamond Mangalsutra

Misha stands for meaning a person with eternal happiness or a person with a beautiful smile. Misha also means to be a very lucky person.

Misha Diamond Mangalsutra

Misha Diamond Mangalsutra

Misha Diamond Mangalsutra is designed with A concentric double teardrop pendant on this brightly polished 18k gold necklace that sparkles with round brilliant cut diamonds reminiscent of glittering rain. 

Auspicious Mangalsutra beads on a delicate gold chain offer ancient tradition and meaning, beautifully complementing the elegant drop pendant.

Presenting your wife with this stunning traditional Mangalsutra as a gift expresses her importance in your life. Misha Diamond Mangalsutra lets your wife know that her happiness comes before your happiness.

7. Meera Diamond Mangalsutra

The word “Meera” has many meanings, but the most common ones are prosperous, extraordinary to be admired, a ray of light or a saintly woman.

Meera Diamond Mangalsutra

Meera Diamond Mangalsutras design has an openwork filigree checkerboard design in the middle of an oval pendant that glistens with round brilliant cut diamonds, giving it a vintage style that is anything but ordinary. 

Additional round brilliant cut diamonds in bezel frames light up the dainty chain, complemented by auspicious Mangalsutra beads for a traditional touch. Finely crafted in 18k gold with rich glitter.

Make your wife feel like the most extraordinary person in the whole world by presenting her Meera Diamond Mangalsutra.

8. Seema Diamond Mangalsutra 

Seema stands for a person with a very beautiful face. So why not gift this beautiful traditional Mangalsutra to the only beautiful face you want to see every day for the rest of your life?

Seema Diamond Mangalsutra

Seema Diamond Mangalsutra

Seema Diamond Mangalsutra design consists of a cute halo flower sitting in the middle of a delicate chain, sparkling with round brilliant cut diamonds placed in decadent intervals for a unique style. 

Auspicious Mangalsutra black beads on the front of a delicate cable chain accentuate the tranquility of nature’s beauty, elevating this contemporary 18k gold necklace with ancient tradition and noteworthy meaning.

9. Reema Diamond Mangalsutra

There are lots of meanings that represent the word “Reema.” Reema means the great Goddess Durga, the goddess of fortune, the name of an Apsara (fairy from heaven), and the wife, a nickname of Goddess Mahalaxmi.

Reema Diamond Mangalsutra

Reema Diamond Mangalsutra is an 18k captivating traditional Mangalsutra necklace featuring a crest flower pendant, giving it a whimsical style and smooth shine. The sparkling round brilliant cut diamonds bezel set on the top exudes contemporary elegance, adding a balance of geometry. A gold chain featuring artfully placed auspicious Mangalsutra beads lends ancient culture and tradition.

Praise the Mahalaxmi of your life by giving her a Facet of Love’s Reema Diamond Mangalsutra.

10. Tejal Diamond Mangalsutra

The word “Tejal” represents an energetic, lustrous, brilliant person. All wives are brilliant in their own ways and appreciate these powerhouses of brilliance for the energy they wake up with every day and handle our lives most brilliantly.

Tejal Diamond Mangalsutra

Tejal Diamond Mangalsutra is designed with 18k gold and a diamond-studded oval pendant. The pendant is styled with glittering round brilliant cut diamonds, all in a rich, luscious shine. Auspicious Mangalsutra beads placed on a delicate chain give this stunning necklace added meaning and ancient tradition, perfect for wearing on any occasion.


Mangalsutra is the purest symbol of a beautiful relationship called marriage that represents the special bond of the couple that they are going to share for the rest of their life. Now that you have the most stunning traditional Mangalsutra designs, don’t make yourself wait to buy these lovelies.

Traditional Mangalsutra shopping is a very enjoyable experience, and if you want to enjoy it the most, make sure you shop from trusted jewelers only. 

The ‘Facet of Love’ is the most trusted jewelry brand in the USA. Every piece of Mangalsutra available at Facet of Love is totally customizable. You can choose your desired traditional Mangalsutra from Yellow Gold and White Gold. At the same time, you can even select the quantity of Mangalsutra black beads you want to have in your traditional Mangalsutra. If you want to customize your Mangalsutra, kindly contact Facet of Love at


(1) What is a mangalsutra?

Answer: A mangalsutra is a traditional necklace worn by married Hindu women as a symbol of their marital status. It is usually made of gold and black beads and is considered auspicious and sacred.

(2) Can mangalsutra designs vary by region?

Answer: Yes, mangalsutra designs can vary by region within India. Different states and communities have their own unique styles and preferences when it comes to mangalsutras.

(3) Can mangalsutras be customized?

Answer: Yes, many jewelers offer customization options for mangalsutras. You can choose the design, length, pendant style, and even the type of beads used according to your preferences.

(4) Can I wear a mangalsutra as a fashion accessory?

Answer: Yes, many women choose to wear mangalsutras as fashion accessories even if they are not married. In such cases, they may opt for simpler designs or styles that suit their personal preferences.

(5) Can I wear a mangalsutra with other necklaces?

Answer: Yes, you can wear a mangalsutra with other necklaces if you prefer a layered look. However, make sure the styles and lengths of the necklaces complement each other to create a cohesive appearance.