Wedding season is at close quarters, and as we all know, good cuisine, fashionable clothing, amazing jewelry, and many more things are included in wedding vibes. This is why it is correctly said that jewelry and weddings go arm in arm. Weddings hardly last a week, and ethnic outfits are not supposed to be used for daily wear. But this condition is not the same for the jewelry pieces even if there are small pieces of accessories. 

Choosing the correct jewelry piece, that can be worn on the daily basis is very crucial. Of all the other jewelry pieces, short Mangalsutra necklaces with minimal designs are the most favored ones. Women take utmost care while purchasing their desired Mangalsutra necklace because the best necklace makes the woman feel special by enhancing her beauty. The design of the Mangalsutras differs from region to region and person to person. The designs have also evolved a lot in the past few years, which has indirectly made it difficult for ladies to find the perfect Mangalsutra for them. 

If we peep into a brief history of gold jewelry, then we can find its roots around 4000 BC. From Europe to Egypt and India to Australia, jewelry pieces made from gold have been popular around the globe, which is why we can witness gold being presented as a gift on any auspicious day or any function. The yellow metal is shaped to make different ornaments like bangles, noserings, earrings, rings, chains, pendants, etc. 

During ancient times, plain golden jewelry pieces were more popular and in demand, but as times have changed various designs like diamond-studded gold jewelry and colorful gemstones-studded jewelry have been becoming more and more popular. 

The correct choice of the Mangalsutra necklace can take your level of beauty to new heights. Here, in this article, we are presenting you some of the best Mangalsutras which our beautiful ladies can show off during this wedding season

Nothing Can Beat gold

Gold has always been a sign of good luck and wealth. Indian festive seasons like Diwali and Akshay Tritiya have always been the best days when it comes to purchasing gold jewelry. But apart from the festive seasons, birthdays and anniversaries are also considered pious days for buying gold jewelry. Besides this, the gold jewelry is so valuable that it becomes a piece of the family heirloom.

Sija Diamond Mangalsutra

Sija Diamond Mangalsutra

Purchasing gold is not only a sign of good luck and wealth but a great choice of investment too, and buying gold Mangalsutras like this one can also be said a good investment in your martial status. The artistry of the workers on the gold jewelry also determines the value of the jewelry. 

Nothing Can Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Diamonds are bae for young women and they are the most precious and very rare gemstones. Diamonds have the power to steal the spotlight of any jewelry. The shine of the diamond depends on its cut and clarity.

A perfectly shaped and polished diamond is a perfect showstopper for every occasion, and it can never go out of style.

Eesha Diamond Mangalsutra

Eesha Diamond Mangalsutra

This beautiful diamond Mangalsutra appropriately represents that even a small diamond can make the marriage life shine brilliantly. Furthermore, these minimal diamond Mangalsutras look stylish and traditional at the same time.

Perfect Combination Of Gold and Diamond

Modern-day women opt for small necklace-type Mangalsutra designs instead of long traditional Mangalsutra designs, as these Mangalsutra necklaces are more wearable and easily blend with modern as well as traditional outfits and are available in lots of designs making them a symbol of style for Gen Z working women.

Zoya Diamond Mangalsutra

Zoya Diamond Mangalsutra

Circles have always been a universal symbol with many different meanings like timelessness, the infinite, eternity, original perfection, etc. including God. 

The interwinding circles picturize the connection between the spiritual and physical worlds. In the early ages of the Christian religion, these interwinding circles, also known as Vesica Piscis were a religious icon of the ornamental form of Jesus Christ’s figure.

This Mangalsutra symbolizes the pure connection of the husband’s and wife’s spiritual and physical worlds into one.

Trail Of Stars

Artists can get inspired by any minute thing they witness, and stars have always been the best objects from which artists get inspired. This inspiration has now become a design for the latest Mangalsutra designs.

Kiran Diamond Mangalsutra

Kiran Diamond Mangalsutra

All of us are aware that the stars have been in a great while traveling through the ocean during night times. This is why as time flew stars became one of the most popular symbols for truth, guidance, spirituality and protection.

From the best star symbols, three aligned stars are much more popular designs in tattoos and now in Mangalsutras. These three aligned stars represent a journey from ground zero to the top. This design has significantly been one of the favorite Mangalsutra designs as it indicates the journey of husband and wife how they started their marriage journey and how it is going.

Ending Phrase

Mangalsutras hold great significance in the Hindu culture, and still in many Indian families, wearing a Mangalsutra regularly is still a mandatory culture, as Mangalsutra is the symbol of marital status. 

Choosing a Mangalsutra design that perfectly matches your personality is a difficult task, was a difficult task, and always will be a difficult task. “Was a difficult task” – because in earlier times many Mangalsutra designs were not available, so it was hard for women to wear their desired ones. “Is a difficult task” – because now women are availed with infinite Mangalsutra designs that it has become very difficult to choose just one.

The Mangalsutra market is flooded with so many Mangalsutra designs that it has become very difficult for the millennials to choose their desired one.


(1) Who buys mangalsutra for wedding?

Answer: Commonly, Mangalsutra is bought by the bridegroom's family for the bride.

(2) What is the significance of a mangalsutra?

Answer: In many parts of India a pendant necklace — called a mangalsutra, or “auspicious thread,” is tied around a Hindu bride's neck during the wedding ceremony, a symbol that the couple is bound in matrimony and an indication of the bride's new status as a married woman.

(3) Is it necessary to wear mangalsutra after marriage?

Answer: Yes, The mangalsutra holds utmost importance among all the other ornaments of a newly married woman.

(4) What is mangalsutra in spiritual?

Answer: The mangalsutra is a symbol of the bond of union between Shiva (Husband) and Shakti (Wife).

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