In the fast evolving world, much goes under substantial change but a few things don’t change - they just make a comeback with a twist. Comes in today’s versatile mangalsutra that without altering the essence has altered its design element to adhere to the evolved needs of modern women.

Design and functionality are comrades - they go hand-in-hand. Wearability depends upon whether or not the ‘sparkling thread of love’ can be worn on a daily basis. This has led to greater design innovation and inventiveness - the key focus being making the present day mangalsutra sleek, chic and sophisticated retaining its cultural value.

So whether it’s a board meeting or a business luncheon, a quaint dinner or just an in-between coffee rendezvous, the revamped classic sparkle will make sure you dazzle through the day effortlessly shifting from day to night, meeting to dating. 

We at Facet of Love, have a superb collection of  made-to-order versatile mangalsutras fashioned to match your different styles and looks. 

Say for instance, our stunning Mother of Pearl Mangalsutra is elegantly designed for a smooth transition from day to night. We’ve ensured both the design and material be in tune with Mother Nature. 

Mother of Pearl is the shimmering nacre-coated inner layer of a seashell - a mollusk or a mussel -  that’s certain to lend a luxurious sheen to any piece of jewellery. Its impressive strength and pearl-like iridescence (only brighter) is admired by jewellers around the world for its breath-taking versatility. 

Add our exquisite Mother of Pearl mangalsutra to your formal look and let it subtly give you a delicate edge without ostentatiously standing out. Changeover into an evening dress for a romantic dinner date and make way for your ‘thread of love’ to gracefully take centre stage. 

If pearls catch your fancy, this iridescent nacre will make heart flutter, literally.


(1) What is a mangalsutra?

Answer: A mangalsutra is a traditional necklace worn by married women in many South Asian cultures, especially in India. It is a symbol of marital status and is considered auspicious and sacred.

(2) How has the mangalsutra evolved in modern times?

Answer: In recent years, the mangalsutra has undergone significant transformations to align with modern fashion trends and individual preferences. While the traditional designs continue to be popular, modern mangalsutras now come in a wide range of styles, materials, and lengths.

(3) What are the different materials used in modern mangalsutras?

Answer: Traditional mangalsutras were typically made of gold and black beads. However, modern mangalsutras incorporate a variety of materials such as gold, white gold, diamonds, gemstones, pearls, and even alternative metals like platinum and silver.

(4) Can I wear a mangalsutra without a pendant?

Answer: Absolutely! Modern mangalsutras provide the flexibility to wear them with or without a pendant. Many women opt for sleek and minimalistic designs without a pendant for a contemporary look.

(5) Can I customize a mangalsutra according to my preferences?

Answer: Yes, customization options are widely available for modern mangalsutras. You can work with jewelers to design a mangalsutra that matches your preferences in terms of materials, length, style, and even incorporate personalized elements or symbols that hold significance for you and your partner.