Finding the perfect mangalsutra can be as daunting as finding the perfect ring, if not more. 

Even the most decisive can falter at this momentous task. The mangalsutra is symbolic of heritage and forever bond but with versatility and uniqueness imparted to its contemporary designs, it now doubles up as a fashion piece for women to flaunt on a daily basis. Something that’s worn everyday has to be in accord with one’s unique style. More than ever, it’s cardinal to find that piece that mirrors your partner’s personality to the t. For she’d love to shine in love her way! 

So, incase, you’re the one picking up the mangalsutra for your lover, tread on this step by step guide to finding the perfect ‘sparkling splendour’ for her:

  • What’s her personal style 
  • It’s imperative you pick a mangalsutra that reflects her flair. Is she a minimalist or a flamboyant queen. Is she someone who’s poised or does she like to make a statement. Your first step clears. 

  • What’s her personality 
  • A dynamo is she or is she a romantic dreamer. Extroverted or introverted - what’s her demeanour? Depending on what’s her personality can you pick a design that would hug her like her own skin. 

    Second step done! 

  • Which pendant has her heart 
  • The right pendant could be a game-changer. A few like cluster of diamonds but a few like pearls or just gold. 

  • What’s your budget
  • There are somethings money can’t buy. Absolutely! But a lot of things money does buy and weddings are proof of it. Keeping within budget can be tricky in matters of heart but try setting aside a slice for this sacred piece of sparkle. 

  • Is it love at first sight?
  • Most importantly- the mangalsutra will carry a bag full of emotions for a lifetime. What you feel when you first touch it is what matters the most. Do you see her in the ‘thread of love’ you’re picking? If the answer is yes - you’re welcome!


    (1) What is a mangalsutra?

    Answer: A mangalsutra is a sacred necklace worn by married Hindu women as a symbol of their marital status and commitment to their spouse. It holds immense cultural significance and is an integral part of Indian wedding traditions.

    (2) Why is choosing the perfect mangalsutra important?

    Answer: The mangalsutra holds sentimental value and is a lifelong adornment for a married woman. Choosing the perfect mangalsutra is important as it reflects the couple's taste, style, and personal preferences while adhering to traditional customs.

    (3) What factors should I consider when choosing a mangalsutra?

    Answer: Several factors should be considered when choosing a mangalsutra, including design, length, material, budget, and your partner's preferences. It should be a blend of traditional aesthetics and your loved one's personal style.

    (4) Should I choose a traditional or contemporary design?

    Answer: The choice between traditional and contemporary designs depends on your partner's preferences. Traditional designs feature intricate patterns, while contemporary designs offer more versatility and experimentation. Consider what would resonate best with your loved one's style.

    (5) Can I customize a mangalsutra?

    Answer: Yes, customization is an excellent way to make the mangalsutra more special. Work with a Facet of Love to incorporate specific design elements, engraving, or personal touches that hold sentimental value for you and your partner.