Time to start preparing for 2023 now that 2022 is concluding. To outfit yourself with the best jewelry set available for the upcoming event, it is essential to comprehend the trends that will be prevalent in the new year. We discuss the jewelry sets in-depth in this post, which you must read this year!

According to a few reports, individuals intend to buy minimal necklace Mangalsutras with bright jewels this year. After that, let’s discuss the many necklace sets that could be in style in 2023.

Do you want to present something special to the most precious woman in your life? With jewelry, you can never go wrong. Uncertain about what to purchase? In reality, you’re not by yourself. The overwhelmingly large number of options can challenge anyone to find the ideal jewelry. 

Fortunately, the task is not as challenging as it first appears. You can find the ideal necklace for her with a little planning and the right advice. Keep reading for great advice on navigating the stormy sea of modern Mangalsutra jewelry.

1. Get the knowledge of Necklaces

Do you know how many types of necklaces are available in the market? If not, then before going shopping, you should know the styles of necklaces. There is a very wide of necklace types, and it is very hard to remember the name of every necklace, from chokers to minimal necklaces and statement necklaces, and self-explanatory necklaces.

You must dig deep to know more about these types before buying the right one for your “the one.” Be familiar with all the necklace types, and then decide which will accentuate your wife’s look.


2. Choose the Necklace Mangalsutra Style

Let’s look at the most general and famous necklace designs ruling over every woman’s heart.

  • Number of strands in the necklace Mangalsutras

Normally, necklaces with a single strand and simple pendant designs are known as minimal. Then there are multistrand necklaces that consist of more than one strand and then comes the category of layered necklaces, which include two combined strands of necklaces in one, from that one is a short necklace, and the other is a bit long.

You might not know now that designers are here with a combination of necklaces and modern Mangalsutras, called Mangalsutra necklaces. It would be best if you did not have second thoughts about presenting your precious wife with one of the Mangalsutra necklaces.

If your wife loves to be dressed at her minimum, then gifting her a minimal Mangalsutra necklace is a way to go. At Facet Of Love, you will find a variety of Mangalsutra designs from which you can choose the best.

 You will find diamond Mangalsutra necklaces with a single-strand, multistrand and layered. All the diamond Mangalsutras can be customized according to your need. You can also choose your desired Mangalsutra from yellow gold and white gold. 


Sija Diamond Mangalsutra

Sija Diamond Mangalsutra

Ashna Diamond Mangalsutra
Saumya Diamond Mangalsutra

Saumya Diamond Mangalsutra

3. Consider the personality and color choice

With the introduction of yellow gold and white gold jewelry, women have fallen for these two gold colors and, most of the time, prefer white gold Mangalsutras over yellow gold Mangalsutras. As we stated, you will find Mangalsutras of all these two colors at Facet Of Love.

It is advised to consider your wife’s style standards because every woman has different style standards. Each woman’s dressing style is different; some like to stay minimal, and some like to stay bold and beautiful. Consider your wife’s styling choice, and then choose the Mangalsutra jewelry for her.

4. Length of the necklace Mangalsutra 

Mangaslutra necklaces with lengths falling between 15 and 17 inches are counted in the category of short necklaces, also known as choker neckpieces. Women love this length as it perfectly accentuates their neck lengths. There is no perfect occasion or time to wear these short Mangalsutra necklaces. They can be worn throughout the day, whether day or night. 

Choose a short Diamond Mangalsutra necklace that snuggles and rests peacefully on your wife’s neck. 

Kavya Diamond Mangalsutra

Kavya Diamond Mangalsutra

Next in the lines are the medium-length Mangalsutra necklaces, whose lengths fall between 17 to 19 inches. These necklace lengths are also known as princess necklaces, which have been the most popular ones for a very long time. 

Women can wear Mangalsutra necklaces of these lengths on any formal, casual or traditional outfit. A medium-length Diamond Mangalsutra necklace is the best gift any husband can give his wife. The design is so minimal and beautiful that it enhances your wife’s personality from every angle.

Vihaa Diamond MangalsutraVihaa Diamond Mangalsutra

And at last, there come the long-length necklaces. These necklaces are either 24 inches or even more than that. Diamond Mangalsutras of this length look best when worn over high necklines. These long-lengthed Mangalsutras can also be paired with short-lengthed necklaces or heavy jewelry sets.

If you are planning to choose long-lengthed Mangalsutras, then opt for 2-inch shorter chain lengths or larger frames so that they can rest around your neck comfortably and look fabulous.

5. Consider the occasion

So what’s the occasion of gifting your wife such a precious gift? The reason why you should ask this question yourself is that the type of occasion has a great impact on the gift you are planning to buy. Whatever the occasion, or maybe there is no occasion, you want to show your feelings as a gift. But the type of occasion can help you a lot in deciding the type of Mangalsutra necklace you want to gift your wife. 

You are set to make your choice

No husband was to ruin such an amazing moment. So it is important to pick the right one that perfectly blends with your wife’s taste. But if you are that man who loves to accept hard challenges and try something, then you can choose something out of the box but do not forget to choose something that is trending the most. 

The plan of purchasing a Diamond Mangalsutra necklace can never fail. If you are not getting what you should buy, look for the type of Mangalsutra jewelry your wife already owns.


(1) What is a necklace mangalsutra?

Answer: A necklace mangalsutra is a traditional piece of jewelry worn by married women in many South Asian cultures, particularly in India. It consists of a chain or necklace adorned with black beads and a pendant, often featuring intricate designs or religious symbols. The mangalsutra holds significant cultural and symbolic importance as a symbol of marital status and is usually tied around the bride's neck during the wedding ceremony.

(2) How do I choose the perfect necklace mangalsutra?

Answer: When buying a necklace mangalsutra, consider the following factors like Design, Length, Pendant, Material, Budget and Authenticity.

(3) What is the significance of the black beads in a mangalsutra?

Answer: The black beads, typically made of small spherical or cylindrical black onyx or glass beads, hold significant cultural and symbolic importance in a mangalsutra. They are believed to ward off evil spirits and protect the marital union from negative influences.

(4) Can I wear a necklace mangalsutra as a fashion accessory without being married?

Answer: While the necklace mangalsutra is traditionally worn by married women, there are no strict rules against wearing it as a fashion accessory if you are unmarried. Many women choose to wear mangalsutras for their aesthetic appeal, irrespective of their marital status.

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