A Mangalsutra, while considered traditional jewelry, is now a fashion statement for modern brides. This lovely ornament, which is infused with cultural and emotional importance, is a crucial component of a married woman's trousseau. While some of them want to wear this jewelry item constantly, others prefer to do so only sometimes.

It comes as no surprise, though, that styling Mangalsutra design gold is more difficult than it may appear. Although this jewelry has a classy appearance, it doesn't complement contemporary clothing. Numerous women find it difficult to embrace this lovely diamond item and refrain from wearing the same due to its lack of adaptability.

After marriage, if you experience a similar issue, it is important to look at this stylistic advice that will enable you to wear your long Mangalsutra with virtually any clothing. Prepare to take satisfaction in wearing your Mangalsutra with each new garment you are about to acquire.

Influence Of Mangalsutra Over The Years

The Mangalsutra differs significantly between the northern and southern regions. In the southern regions, the mangalsutra is a yellow thread with a gold pendant that draws inspiration from the traditional yellow thread known as Kankanabandhana. In the northern regions, black beads with two gold bearings in the shape of bowls have gained popularity over several years.

Mangalsutras have been a necessary item of jewelry for every bride and married woman alike since they are symbols of love and holy matrimony. Although its usefulness and significance have waned over time, many contemporary women still see it favorably. The style of your mangalsutra has evolved throughout time as well.

Let us check out some stylish Mangalsutra designs which can be flaunted on both Western and Indian wear.

  • Solitaire Mangalsutra

  • If you are not so fashionable person, but want to be with the latest Mangalsutra trends, then a solitaire Mangalsutra is your type. 

    Solitaire Mangalsutra

    This delicate Mangalsutra consists of just one Diamond, but even that one small diamond enhances the look of the Mangalsutra like no other jewelry piece. This Mangalsutra design can flaunt both Western and ethnic outfits.

  • Layered Mangalsutra

  • If you are more of a chic personality, then give a thumbs up to layered Mangalsutra.

    Layered Mangalsutra

    The layered Mangalsutra design gives your personality and outfits an extra layer of gorgeousness. When it comes to styling, inspire yourself to be creative at every step and express yourself.

  • Mix-matched Mangalsutra

  • Mangalsutra is not a wedding ornament in every Indian culture, but as the times have changed the designs of the Mangalsutras have also modernized themselves. Contrasting everything can be considered the latest trend nowadays. If you love contrasting your outfits, you can try to Contrast Mangalsutra also.

    Mix-matched Mangalsutra

    As you can see in this Mangalsutra design, the Mangalsutra chain is made of yellow gold, whereas the four-leaf clover pendant is made of white gold, creating a contrasting Mangalsutra design. This Mangalsutra design will make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Diamonds Are Forever Mangalsutra

  • Diamonds top the list of most favorite things of a woman in the whole world. Just like every other woman if you are also obsessed with diamonds, then an all-diamond Mangalsutra is your thing.

    Diamonds Are Forever Mangalsutra

    In this, the leaf pendant is fully loaded with sparkling diamonds. These sparkling will surely give a spark to your eyes, your heart, and your soul as well.

  • Floral Mangalsutra

  • Flowers are also an all-time favorite for every woman. And just like the Mangalsutra flowers also hold a special pious place in the Indian culture. For these reasons, modern designers have designed floral Mangalsutra designs for our millennial brides.

    Floral Mangalsutra

    In this design, a cute delicate flower is beautifully fitted in the Mangalsutra design symbolizing the unity of husband and wife in their lives.

  • Stary Mangalsutra

  • In Indian culture, the importance of stars is also notable. And once again our modern designers did not miss to include stars in the list of modern Mangalsutra designs. 

    Stary Mangalsutra

    This stary Mangalsutra is perfectly designed to bring twinkles to your married life.

  • Lock Mangalsutra

  • We should not be surprised that the designers have included the design of a lock in the list of modern Mangalsutra designs.

    Lock Mangalsutra

    This beautiful Lock & key design will unlock loads of endless heartfelt wishes and love.

  • Butterfly Mangalsutra

  • Butterflies are said to be the symbols of happiness, a new change, and a fresh start. 

    Butterfly Mangalsutra

    This amazing butterfly Mangalsutra is the perfect match for newly wedded couples as after marriage their lives will go from a phase of a new change and they do have to start fresh.

  • Dropping Diamond Mangalsutra

  • The Mangalsutra designs have evolved so much that a dropping diamond or a flying diamond will not be a surprise for millennial brides.

    Dropping Diamond Mangalsutra

    This Diamond dropping Mangalsutra design is jaw-dropping design. This design can steal any woman’s heart.

  • Pearl Mangalsutra

  • Diamonds are the new favorites for millennial ladies, but in ancient times pearls were the ones that had the ability to steal every woman’s heart. If you can be modern and a bit traditional at the same time, then a combination of pearls and diamonds can be good to go for you.

    Pearl Mangalsutra

    This pearl and diamond-infused Mangalsutra can never go out of trend.

    A Wrap-up

    You can't always keep to the same menu in fashion as you can in dining. Always try to find new methods to design your classic and modern ornaments to make them the center of attention. 

    Remember that the finishing touch for styling is an accessory. So, be inspired and awaken your inner fashionista. Now that you are aware of how to style your appearance with a long Mangalsutra, you can dress whatever you choose without worrying about being questioned about it. 

    That concludes the tutorial on how to wear a modern Mangalsutra design with a diva-like style. We sincerely hope you have found the material to be entertaining and instructive. What then is it that you are waiting for? Make a bookmark of the page straight immediately and prepare.


    (1) What is a mangalsutra?

    Answer:  A mangalsutra is a sacred necklace traditionally worn by married women in Hindu culture. It symbolizes the marital status and is usually made of gold or black beads with a pendant.

    (2) How can I make my mangalsutra look stylish?

    Answer: Here are some tips to make your mangalsutra look stylish:

    • Choose a modern and unique design that complements your personal style.
    • Opt for a lighter and sleeker mangalsutra that can be easily layered with other necklaces.
    • Consider getting a customized pendant or adding diamonds or gemstones to enhance its appearance.
    • Experiment with different lengths and styles to find the one that suits you best.

    (3) Can I wear my mangalsutra with other necklaces?

    Answer: Yes, you can definitely wear your mangalsutra with other necklaces to create a stylish layered look. However, ensure that the overall combination looks balanced and harmonious. Consider mixing different lengths, textures, and pendant styles to create an interesting visual effect.

    (4) Can I wear my mangalsutra to formal or professional events?

    Answer: Yes, you can wear your mangalsutra to formal or professional events. However, it's important to choose a mangalsutra that is not overly elaborate or flashy. Opt for a more subtle and elegant design that complements your outfit without overpowering it.

    (5) Can I wear my mangalsutra while swimming or exercising?

    Answer: It's generally recommended to remove your mangalsutra while swimming, exercising, or engaging in any strenuous physical activity. This helps prevent damage to the necklace and ensures your safety.